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Selena Gomez And Her History With Hooters

Selena Gomez And Her History With Hooters

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Salena Gomez and Hooters are not two names that are often paired up in news headlines. Although in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the singer/actress opened up about her history with the popular restaurant chain.

The now 20 year old spoke about  her parents split when she was just 5 years old. Mentioning  how her dad , often lonely would patron Hooters on Friday nights to watch the San Antonio Spurs, basketball games.

It wasn’t long before he noticed a trend when accompanied by his daughter.  The waitresses would show much more interest when his cute 7 year old was by his side. Soon enough the father-daughter duo made a ritual of visiting Hooters.  She loved helping her dad score dates with the waitresses.  Selena says that the initial years of her parents split were particularly difficult. That she felt really happy doing this for her father, that it seemed to help him forget about the divorce. 

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Selena spoke about how hard the break-up between her parents had been for her. She had craved for normality in her family life.

Blaming her mother for the breakup and states that she continues to be angry with her. The actress mentions that the absence of her mother really affected her childhood.

Stepping back into a positive light, the singer mentions how she is grateful to have had her father growing up, that he has raised her to be the woman she is today.

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Selena also spoke about her recent break up with singer Justin Bieber, she admitted that dating has not been easy since the split. That she does not put priority on finding another boyfriend. The singer noted that when she is living her regular life outside of award shows and concerts, that she is a normal girl who doesn’t put extreme emphasis on her appearance. Therefore she is not on the hunt for a boyfriend and if she just so happens to meet a guy then it will happen naturally. For now she will need to let time do the healing necessary for her to move on.

As we all know, Salena Gomez is a true beauty and surely it will not be long before she finds another great guy.

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