Rare Andy Warhol Celebrity Photos Put on Sale for $85 000

Never-before-seen celebrity photos taken by pop artist Andy Warhol, including that of his showbiz friends, are to be sold through an online auction.

Warhol is known for snapping candid moments of stars especially in nightclubs. Some of his rare photographs and portraits include intimate shots of Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, among others.

He had this shot of John Lennon taken in 1979 in New York, which shows fashion designer Roy Halston’s boyfriend poking his tongue out on him.

To note, Walton has only printed one copy of each of his unique works. They are now under the care of his long-time diariest Patt Hackett. Under the exhibit entitled I'll Be Your Mirror organized by Pat herself, 150 of his photos are on sale which will cost more than $85,000 for a print. His other works are now being possessed by Warhol collector Jim Hedges.

"Andy had an artist's eye and everything that he did he applied it to. I am selling these photos now because Andy died before he was able to present them to a wider public. They haven't been given the attention that Andy would have expected. When his life was cut short that awareness of his photography was cut short, too," Hackett explained.

The 58-year-old American artist died in 1987. His artistic eye has also led him to capture hum-drum and bizarre objects such as a row of toilet urinals.

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Rare Andy Warhol Celebrity Photos Put on Sale for $85 000