Keep Out! Celebrities That Have Been Banned

Are there places you aren’t allowed to go? Have you ever been kicked out of bar, restaurant or hotel for bad behavior? Sometimes things just do not go the way we plan. Arguments with waiters and bad service all-around can lead to heated arguments or even down right outbursts that leave us banned from our favorite spots for life. And though it may be hard to believe, this happens to even the most famous celebrities. There have been plenty of altercations, disagreements, total meltdowns and bad behavior that have led to celebrities being banned from hotels, spas restaurants and even countries. These are just a few of the most notable celebrity bans currently in effect or recently resolved.

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7 John Travolta, Peninsula Hotel New York City

When your face is recognizable around the entire globe it’s difficult to keep your run-ins and bans a secret. This is true for John Travolta who has been in the public eye for more than 40 years. Though he is often in the news for his ties to the unusual and confounding Church of Scientology, Travolta news in recent years has centered on his sexual orientation. Throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s rumours of the actors association with gay escorts as well as his advances towards service providers bubbled up in the media. Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston denied the incidents but the hits just kept coming. In 2000 the former ‘Saturday Night Fever’ star was banned from the spa in New York City’s Peninsula Hotel spa. According to reports, Travolta made numerous advances and inappropriate comments towards male employees. So many complained in fact that he was ultimately banned. After a few years the he was allowed back at the up scale spa and maintains the media story was nonsense.

6 Madonna, The Alamo Drafthouse Theatre

Madonna is no stranger to controversy, censorship and outright bans. Over her long and successful career Madonna has been banned from many countries for her racy performances, perceived propaganda and strong opinions. But the threat of retaliation for her actions has never stopped the singer from expressing herself. A known workaholic, Madonna keeps herself connected at all times including during a screening of ‘12 Years a Slave’ at the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre in New York City. When asked to put her phone away by an usher she unleashed on the employee and refused to put her device away. Though Drafthouse admits the singer could probably care less, they announced her ban over twitter and condemned her bad manners just the same.

5 Kathy Griffin, Talk Shows—like, all of them

Comedian Kathy Griffin has made a great living pushing boundaries and acting up. She’s been so successful in fact; the D-List star is worth a reported $15 million. Her work as a stand-up, producer, writer, actress and reality star have given her plenty of opportunities to make us laugh, make us think and to make us a little uncomfortable. And uncomfortable we are. Between her obscene jokes and on air strip teases, Griffin has been banned from some of the biggest chat shows in North America. For her talking trash about other celebrities she was banned from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Reality show footage of her experience on Jay Leno got her banned from that program while The View has banned her for jokes about former View co-host Star Jones in her act. Griffin was also banned from Letterman throughout the 90s for her potty mouth but was allowed back on the show in 2009. But it didn’t last long. After taking off her dress in an awkward strip tease, the comedienne was promptly re-banned.

4 Snoop Lion (Formerly Snoop Dogg) Triple Country Ban

It’s no secret that this successful rapper and actor has an extensive criminal record. His rap sheet includes drug possession, possession of a firearm; gang related activity and he was even implicated in a murder (the jury was deadlocked and charges never stuck). But this impressive record hasn’t stopped the rapper from racking up a net worth of $120 million and a massive fan base that spans the globe. And though Snoop Lion fans are a global phenomenon, Snoop can’t exactly go see them all. Unfortunately for fans in the Netherlands, Australia and the UK will have to travel to take in a show. Snoop has been banned from these countries on account of his extensive criminal record and drug culture promotion.

3 Brad Pitt, Banned From China

When Brad Pitt appeared in Thelma and Louise in 1991 nobody could have predicted his trajectory. For a time it seemed Pitt would tow the line of handsome, vapid movie star for a few years and quietly fade away. But after appearing as Tyler Durden in the dark and dirty Fight Club, Pitt’s career took a completely different turn.  After movies like Legends of the Fall, Twelve Monkeys and Babel Pitt was safely secured as a mega star. These were movies that made us think about our own lives and rethink Pitt as an actor. And when the philanthropist father of six took on the role of Heinrich Harrer in Seven Years in Tibet, the Chinese Government was rethinking his entry into their country. The film was denounced by the Chinese government for its depiction of Chinese military officers and Pitt and his co-star Davie Thewlis were banned from entering.

2 Lindsay Lohan, The Chateau Marmont

At this point you’re thinking, “What hasn’t Lindsay Lohan been banned from?” It’s true the troubled starlet has struggled to stay out of the news for bad behavior. Over the past ten years the now 27 year old actress and singer has been in and out of the papers for drug use, domestic arguments, work problems, legal troubles and rehab. No matter how many opportunities Lohan gets to turn herself around she seems to lose control. In 2013 Lohan was banned from the notorious Chateau Marmont Hotel for unpaid bills. Though at the time she was a frequent patron and partygoer at the infamous Hollywood hotel, Lohan’s unpaid bill for more than $46,000 were enough to get her banned from the premises. Lindsay now claims the bill has been paid and she is allowed back at the hotel but it seems like her new lease on life and sobriety should keep her away…for now.

1 Business Mogul Stewart Rahr Banned from Nobu Restaurant for Arrogance

Not a celebrity per se, Stewart Rahr is an American business mogul with an estimated net-worth of $1.6 billion. An entrepreneur and salesman, Stewart is deeply rooted in celebrity events and is a party guy at heart. Referring to himself as “Stewie Rah Rah, the No. 1 King of Fun”, Rahr made his fortune in pharmaceuticals and is known to gather up his hard earned cash and get out there to spend. On one such spending occasion, the No. 1 King of Fun headed out to famed celebrity hot spot Nobu in New York. Rahr arrived without a reservation and began berating and abusing the restaurant manager when he was told there were no tables available. Incensed, Rahr began threatening the manager, telling other patrons to leave “his table” and offering to pay others to leave the restaurant. The following week Rahr was informed he was no longer welcome at Nobu but that didn’t stop him from sending out a nasty “don’t you know who I am” email and allegedly copying the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Alicia keys and Donald Trump on the rant. Classy.

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