NIcolas Cage Lives a Simple Life in Las Vegas

Nicolas Cage is know for his lavish lifestyle, spending money on houses, cars and islands. It was reported that in the past, he purchased more than a dozen houses, two islands, dinosaur fossils and at least fifty cars. Even though he is one of Hollywood's highest paid actors, with reckless spending, he cannot avoid financial problems. In 2010 he revealed to the public that he was facing financial problems with multiple home foreclosures and it was also reported that he owed the IRS $14 million in taxes. The troubles with the IRS followed until last year, when he was finally able to pay back the large sum of money. Now, Cage escaped the Hollywood lifestyle and is living a much more simple life.

For the first time in seven years, he made an appearance on the "Today" show to talk about his new film "The Croods" where news opened up about his new simply Sin City lifestyle. He said, "I have a simple life, and I'm a lot lighter because of it. I get up in the morning, I drive my kid to school, I go home, I work out, I take my wife to lunch, I pick my kid up from school, and then I'm ready for my next movie." He lives with his wife and 7-year-old son where he says they are all happy living a simple life away from the paparazzi. It came as a surprise that Nicolas Cage who was once known for his lavish lifestyle, is now living an ordinary life in Sin City.

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