Musician Jake Owen Says His Girls have Changed His Life

The country musician Jake Owen was a favorite for a long time. It seems only yesterday that he was regarded as one of the most-qualified bachelors of American music. However, his marriage to Lacey and the arrival of Pearl, his daughter, changed everything. It all happened very quickly. Jake is now a happy father. Owen is glad that he is able to spend time at home with his two favorite girls.

Jake met his wife Lacey when he was shooting the video for his song “Eight Second Ride”. It was love at first sight. He went ahead promptly and popped the question too. The two of them were sure that they wanted to spend their lives together. The marriage was a low-key affair. Only a few close friends and relatives were invited to grace the occasion. Both Jake and Lacey love to enjoy their private time, and don’t quite like the company of photographers all around them.

Jake and his wife now live in Nashville in a country house. They try to spend a lot of time together, in spite of Jake’s busy schedule. Jake says that he loves being a dad, and enjoys playing with his daughter all the time. Fatherhood seems to have changed the man. The musician revealed this in an interview with People Magazine. Jake said that the arrival of his wife and daughter in his life have changed him as a person. He now realizes that there is more to life than just professional success. In fact, he does not feel the urge to chase stardom as much as before. He is just happy to maintain a low profile.

Jake admits that he was very selfish before. He thought about nobody else other than himself. However, late night parties are completely out from his agenda now. He loves to be back home early after work, instead of being photographed at the most happening clubs in New York and LA.

That’s certainly quite a transformation. We are happy for Jake, and his new priorities in life. Let nothing disturb this little paradise he has created.

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Musician Jake Owen Says His Girls have Changed His Life