Most Fabulous High Tea In The World

If you are looking for that top-notch venue and event these days forget about the classy lunch serving salmon and caviar or the expensive dinners hosted by popular or famous hotels and venues. Today p

If you are looking for that top-notch venue and event these days forget about the classy lunch serving salmon and caviar or the expensive dinners hosted by popular or famous hotels and venues. Today patrons are searching for the most fabulous high tea in the world. This is what is new and trending. So, if you like all that is bang on trend check out some of the most expensive High Teas on offer worldwide.

The newest most hip event is the 'High Tea'. In fact, looking back it is a wonder that one had thought of the High Tea as a master plan to impress and enjoy your favourite company. Don't fall into the trap of assuming all High Teas are all the same. Most are very expensive and this is what makes them a luxury moment to remember over time.

High Teas Speak Of Royalty in Days Gone By

High tea smacks of royalty and elitism, as in days gone by this was their favourite type of gathering. Designed to fit into a part of the day where there was minimal obligation required as well as giving the host an opportunity to serve different types of snacks and culinary delights not used in daily life. They are fabulously indulgent and daringly expensive.

4 Perfect Venue 

The trick with the most expensive high teas in the world is to first of all find the perfect venue. There are some surprising contenders for the best and most expensive high tea. This shows just how popular this event has become. If you are picturing charm and elegance and a spread that is both costly and delicious, you are definitely getting the right kind of image for those that take part in the High Tea affair. When searching for the most fabulous high tea in the world you do have a good few options.

Taking a look at what a few of the best high tea contenders offer will not only take you into another world or magical opulence, but also inspire you to perhaps take part in your own grand high tea.


3 The Quaint English Country Side

The first most fabulous high tea in the world as a contender is served in the United Kingdom.

High tea is very synonymous with Britain and the days of royal gatherings after a fox hunt. Clad in tweed the hearty bunch would dig in with gay abandon. So if it is Dukes, Kings and Queens of Old you after, then check out the High Tea that is served at the Cliveden Hotel in Berkshire.


2 Cliveden Hotel, Berkshire

Set upon the river Thames, the hotel enjoys not only a prime property situation, but also has an air of luxury elitism. The River Thames is littered with both old and new money and the city knows it. Many houses along the Thames are home to some of the most famous people in Britain. Plus, has a rich history of royal influence.

The hotel itself does not let the side down. It is beautifully situated in gardens that are true reflections of the coveted English countryside. Perfectly trimmed hedges, perfect grass and quaint woodland form the backdrop for the most expensive high tea ever served.

Peaking at the menu for high tea could send shivers down your spine. Not only are the ingredients perfectly tasty and appetising, but they are also outrageously expensive. This high tea will set you back £550 per couple. ($900). Included in the delicious fair are white truffles at £2,500 per kilogram (around $4,000) and Beluga Caviar £4,000 (around $7,000) per kilogram. Served with your snacks and treats are a variety of teas including Hong Pao Tea which will leave your pocket a whopping £2,000 lighter (around $4000).

1 The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Another super quality and awe inspiring high tea is served at the Ritz-Carlton Ritz in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is well known not only for its magnificent Asian influence in food and delicacies worldwide but also for their dedication to all that is colonial. The Ritz-Carlton has paired with Graff diamonds in order to set the scene for the most fabulous high tea in the world leaving you stunned at the offerings.

The Manager of the Ritz-Carlton, Pierre Perusset, put together two of the most luxurious concepts in the hope of creating not only the most fabulous high tea in the world, but one of the most unusual and expensive. Diamonds and good food have to be the finest pairing ever thought of. While you nibble on fine delicacies you can also peruse the diamonds and fine settings Graff has to offer.

A Personal Butler Serves You

Certainly designed to impress the lady in your life the High Tea is served by a personal butler. The Ritz-Carlton is known for tying to create memorable and unforgettable experiences. Part of the High Tea includes a 'treasure trunk' which is filled with treasures of both an edible and 'glittery' kind. The nibbles included are inspired by the diamonds themselves. The infamous Delaire Sunrise and the Graff Pink diamond, which is the most largest and most expensive diamond in the world is paired with the Hazelnut Nougat Ice Gold desert. Swished down with Dom Perignon and vintage fairs such as a champagne gelee. The dishes are served on Vera Wang china ware and the most expensive silverware and crystal glassware.

Being waited on by your own personal butler also helps create that feeling of another world. Where the troubles of the economy and failing stock-markets seem an age away.

Graff Diamonds are the Most Expensive in The World 

Guests can try on the Graff fine pieces at leisure which in itself is a perfect treat. The cost of such an exclusive fine High Tea is $1,403 (which is around £900). Of course once your partner has chosen their diamond setting this could increase considerably!

As mentioned earlier High Tea has become the new elitist favourite choice of entertainment and looking for the most fabulous high tea in the world could take you far and wide, but the two mentioned here might just 'take the cake'!.

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Most Fabulous High Tea In The World