Most Dangerous Jobs

What real risks do you face when you go to your job? Maybe there is a chance of an accident occurring in the highway or somebody stepping on your toes when you ride the subway or the bus. Perhaps, you

What real risks do you face when you go to your job? Maybe there is a chance of an accident occurring in the highway or somebody stepping on your toes when you ride the subway or the bus. Perhaps, you may get a paper cut while at work or contract food poisoning over lunch or tea break. You may probably even get carpal tunnel syndrome working in front of the computer the whole day. The worst it could get is a bit of stress and hypertension brought about by your heavy workload.

Then again, how dangerous could those things be especially when compared to the real risks and dangers that other workers are subjected to. And when we talk about risks and dangers, we are talking about the risk and danger of losing one’s life. Here is a list of the top 10 most dangerous jobs. Most of the figures are for every 100,000 workers.


10 Stuntmen – 2.5 deaths

Have you ever been amazed with all the action sequences that actors go through? They jump from the highest buildings, chase the fastest cars around the most dangerous streets, do the most dangerous fight scenes and generally take the fall for those handsome actors and sexy actresses who will end up getting all the credit. Stuntmen earn around $70,000, which is not that bad a salary, though certainly a pittance when compared to the earnings of the top actors.  There are not that many of them around, though stunts are required even for non-action movies.  Even a comedy like “The Hangover” requires the services of stuntmen. In the movie’s sequel, a stuntman actually suffered from severe brain injuries because of an accident while shooting.


9 Police Officers – 18 deaths

These guys risk their lives every day to make sure that the rest of the population stays safe. From patrolling our streets to responding to emergency situations to investigating all kinds of crimes, police officers face dangers each day. A significant portion of the fatalities resulted from vehicular or highway accidents. A substantial part also comes from homicides. Police officers earn an average annual salary of $56,250.


8 Truck Drivers – 21.8 deaths

Truck drivers earn from $29,080 to $37,930 every year, depending on the type of lorry being driven. While the job may seem simple enough, these guys log in an astounding number of hours just to have the cargo delivered on time. And once the delivery is done, turnaround time is quick and they will have to go back immediately to make sure the next order gets out on time. Just as a point of comparison, normal people complain when they get into an hour-long traffic jam and complain that a lot of time is wasted on the road. Well, truck drivers live their lives on the road and spend probably 2/3 of the day on it. And they do this while carrying around 40 tons of cargo load. They are susceptible to highway crashes. Those who survive will have to deal with long term health problems brought about by poor posture.


7 Refuse and Recycled Material Collectors – 29.8 deaths

They earn about $34,420 per year for a very thankless job. They are in charge of collecting all our garbage to ensure that we have a clean and orderly community. Refuse collectors are usually involved in transportation incidents, which account for a large number of its deaths. It is also one of the most dangerous jobs in terms of non-fatal accidents.


6 Roofers – 32.4 deaths

Roofers earn an annual pay of around $34,220. It is one of the most injury-prone jobs a person can have. Imagine having to tug around tools and nail roof materials the whole day while directly exposed to the sun. And those are not even their most major concern. Roofers are susceptible to fall, thus making it one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.


5 Mining Workers – 38.7 deaths

Mining workers earn anywhere from $37,230 to $89,440 per year. Experience plays a huge role into the amount of pay one gets. They work in close quarters and they sometimes have to go down several meters down to earth in order to get the minerals and gems that they need. Mining workers also make use of heavy machineries and handle a lot of explosive materials, making the job doubly dangerous.


4 Farmers and Ranchers – 41.4 deaths

Farmers and ranchers get paid $60,750 each year to till the land and harvest the crops. While modern equipment and technology mean that they do not have to work extremely long hours as before, the danger factor remains the same. After all, there is an inherent danger to working with machineries. Most of the fatalities that the farming industry suffers result from transportation incidents.


3 Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers – 70.6 deaths

Pilots and aircraft engineers are paid handsomely in amounts anywhere from $76,050 to $118,070 per year. And there is a good reason for this as they are given a huge responsibility in flying planes way up in the sky where the miniscule mistake may result into hundreds of deaths. Unlike other jobs where there is an even chance of surviving an accident, mistakes made by pilots will probably lead to certain death.


2 Logging Workers – 91.9 deaths

Logging workers usually earn around $32,870 per year. And it is a very hard job. They spend majority of their working hours operating heavy equipment and dangerous machineries. They are in constant danger of being struck by the very product that they are trying to secure. They oftentimes have to work in places of high altitude where the weather is unpredictable and even unforgiving.


1 Fishermen – 116 deaths

It may seem like a quiet and relaxing job, but fishing is actually the most dangerous job. Fishermen are susceptible to malfunctioning equipment, transportation incidents and inclement weather. The danger of their job is best encapsulated in the reality television series called “Deadliest Catch.”

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Most Dangerous Jobs