Millionaire Men do Not Want to be with Rich Women

Forget the notion that all wealthy men want to date wealthy women.

Following the survey of, a dating site for millionaires, it was revealed that millionaire men prefer to date women with less money.

The site used a random sample in surveying its 15,000 members. It resulted to 79.6 percent of the male respondents seek non-millionaire women while 84.5 percent of the female respondents want to date fellow millionaires.

“We were very surprised to learn that the great majority of our male millionaire members sought women who have less money than them. It seems that financially independent men want to share their wealth with those less fortunate. With women, the story is much different,” shared Darren Shuster, a representative for

Shuster added that the reason men choose women of humble financial states is because they want a partner that they can take care of and who will appreciate small things. They would also go for “younger, attractive women” and not the “bossy, middle-aged” ones. On the other hand, women seek for a financially stable partner and are “not looking to take care of anybody."

Moreover, women tend to be more careful of their wealth when they enter into a marriage life. Based on the survey, 82 percent of the female members insist on having a prenuptial agreement while only 17.4 percent of the male members would resort to it.

During the August survey of the site, it was revealed that people are more desirable when they save a lot than spend a lot.

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Millionaire Men do Not Want to be with Rich Women