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MC Hammer is Free of Charges

MC Hammer is Free of Charges

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The American rapper MC Hammer, who was arrested in the Irish capital Dublin recently, has been released from the charges leveled against him. MC Hammer has been a judge on several dance competitions and has been quite a divine performer in his musical career. He has thousands of fans all over the world and is popular for the way he can move on the dance floor, and the lyrics of his songs. MC Hammer was also known for his bad-boy behavior. He has got into a lot of trouble often with the media back home as well. Him being in the news for the wrong reasons is not something too surprising.

MC Hammer was arrested in Dublin because he was driving a vehicle that was not registered in his name, and he was also under the influence. Hammer also bashed up the police when they pulled over. This of course is a gross act of violation. He has the tendency to react to a situation by getting physical. This is certainly not the best way to resolve a situation. But he tried to do this in Dublin and was immediately arrested for it. Hammer had to spend a number of nights in jail until his lawyer in the United Kingdom was finally able to bail him out.

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Hammer of course says that the charges leveled against him by the Dublin police are fake, and that, he never did any beating up at all. Rather he feels that he is being made a victim of racism with these charges being framed against him. Hammer is quite adamant about the fact that the car which he was driving is his own, and that he was not drunk at all at the time of driving. He feels he is being treated most unfairly and that he is not going to be too forgiving later once the charges against him are cleared.

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MC Hammer was informed later that the charges against him are being dropped. He is now a free man. Hammer it thus seems has got what he wanted, and that is to prove that he was not guilty of the charges in the first place. We are of course delighted to know that he is free to go and now expect him to come out with some truly juicy sound tracks.

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