Lindsay Lohan Reveals Bruises While Holidaying in Brazil

There is some rumor going around that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant. There is no truth in this. The “Mean Girls” star is anything but pregnant, and is about to check into a rehab facility for ninety days. But before checking in, the actress decided to go on a vacation to Brazil, where she showed off her hot body by wearing a blue bikini. However it wasn’t a hit. What was revealed was that, Lohan was carrying many cuts and bruises on her arms and legs. The bikini revealed them all.

Where did she get the bruises from? We are not certain. She is not really known to be of a violent nature, and so it is unlikely that Lohan had been in a fight with anyone. However she did duck under the table at a nightclub recently. This could have caused the bruises. Lindsay is quite a wild child. That’s why the causes behind these bruises continue to remain a mystery. One can only feel sorry for the actress, as she has to check into rehab soon to serve her term for DUI.

Ever since she came to fame, Lindsay has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons. She has been one of the most controversial actresses in Hollywood, and has refused to learn her lesson after committing a number of errors. We can only hope that she is going to be more mature after the rehab, which by the way is going to be intensive.

The actress is set to return to the screen very soon after she checks out of rehab. The producers are waiting eagerly to sign her up for movies again. No doubt Lindsay is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood these days. She is capable of performing a diverse range of roles with ease and perfection. We just hope that these bruises on her legs and arms heal soon. She should get ready for action both physically and mentally.

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Lindsay Lohan Reveals Bruises While Holidaying in Brazil