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LeAnn Rimes Supposedly Pregnant

LeAnn Rimes Supposedly Pregnant

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If what Perez Hilton says is true, then Eddie Cibrian and his partner LeAnn Rimes are the next new parents on the block.

Yes according to Perez Hilton, LeAnn Rimes is pregnant and is expecting the birth of her first child very soon. The two are undoubtedly one of the most entertaining couples in Hollywood and have eyes only for each other in public. When they got together, the talk of the town was that this relationship was not going to last, given its explosive nature. However the two have proved everyone entirely wrong.

What confirms the rumors is of course the fact that the two of them were seen leaving the OB GYN together recently. This means that LeAnn is pregnant and if the two are lucky enough, they will soon receive a new healthy member of the family. LeAnn has been doing everything to keep her health in good condition lately, which is another sign that she is a mommy-to-be. She has been taking particular care of her health and has been visiting the GYM quite often.

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If LeAnn is indeed pregnant, she will join the new mothers club in no time at all. She will be there with Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. While the other two are a lot high profile in comparison to her, LeAnn has her own sense of glamour and has her fans interested in her pregnancy affairs as well. The fact that she and her partner are choosing to keep it discreet is of course understandable as announcements are seldom ever made until the pregnancy is well under way.

It is going to be at least nine months from now before we get to see the new arrival before the camera, and that too if the parents permit this. Both Eddie and LeAnn are very particular about privacy issues and do not like the camera to get too close to them. They are quite capable of taking the media to court over privacy issues. We really do not want to risk good vibes with these two by asking for permission for pictures of the baby. We only want a good delivery for LeAnn so that she can bring her little one into this world without any trouble at all.

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One has to wonder of course how pregnancy is going to change the lives of LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian. The two are a very easygoing couple and have lived life on their own terms for quite some time now. All this is now going to change with a baby in the picture. We have to wait for them to give us the details of how the pregnancy might be changing them for the better and the adjustments which they now need to make.

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