10 Shades Of Kim Kardashian

In March of 2015, news of Kim Kardashian going blonde and channeling glitzy cowgirl, in a Parisian traffic stopping moment at Paris fashion week, went viral pretty quickly. Earlier the same day, reports claimed she had worn a sheer mesh dress without bothering with a bra. The girl certainly knows how to get attention.

Looking at our Kim some 15 or so years ago and now, we notice some obvious changes. By 2008, the nose appears sleeker. By 2012, the cheeks appear fuller. And by 2014, there is a hint of an excess of Botox in an apparently immobile face. And that's even before we mention the 2014 "Break the Internet" stunt, when rumors of butt enhancement made the rounds. 

Over the years, she has gone from fresh face, slightly chubby cheeked, dark haired beauty, to sleek and seductive. She has had her girl next door phase, her sexy businesswoman phase, and her mommy phase. Her hair color has changed back and forth, from blonde to dark and back again. Her style has changed, although often with a Fredericks of Hollywood vibe that exudes an in your face sexuality. Here are 10 of the most drastic Kim Kardashian transformations in the last 20 years.

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10 1994: Daddy's Little Girl & O.J. Simpson's Goddaughter - I'm Gonna Be Famous

In a video made at the time of her graduation from 8th grade in 1994, she bragged she was going to be famous someday. The dark locks are shorter, the nose a little broader (we think) and the jaw line fuller. She was daddy's little girl, the daughter of celebrity attorney Robert Kardashian, and the god daughter of O.J. Simpson. Apparently, mama Kris (later Jenner) and papa Robert Kardashian were close to O.J., so close that The New York Daily News has even reported that Khloe could be O.J.'s child. Still, Kardashian defended Simpson during his 1995 murder trial. While a lot has changed since 1994, one thing remains: The ego. She said then, "when I am famous and old, you are gonna remember me as this beautiful little girl." This was pre-Botox though, when she could actually move her face.

9 2000 - 2003: Marriage To Damon Thomas, BFF With Paris Hilton, Rich Girls On The Town


Our little girl is all grown up. In 2000, she eloped with music producer Damon Thomas;  she was a rich girl in classy little flirty dresses and out on the town with her new BFF, Paris Hilton. For years, the two were snapped clubbing. Kim's hair was long and straight and in her face. And (we think), the booty less "out there". The vibe was definitely bad, rich girl parties hard. But we wonder what's with the toy fashion accessory? Thomas filed for divorce in 2003, and she and Paris had spats. But Paris served her purpose. Stepping out with the bad girl socialite got Kim her first intensive media attention. Back in the day when Kim's fame was just beginning, Paris was the one claiming $100,000 fees to grace a club. Now, reports suggest Paris is jealous because Kim gets all the attention -- and the fees.

8 2003 - 2007: Ray J, THE Sex Tape, Fame And Even More Fortune


With Ray J, we are somewhere in between the bad girl Paris Hilton days and the Fredericks of Hollywood Kim that we have come to know and love. We get see-through, in your face cleavage, and a 2003 sex tape that went viral in 2007. The hair is tamed and emphasis is very much on the bod. After the tape went viral, she sued Vivid Entertainment who distributed the film (dubbed Kim K Superstar) and reportedly came away with a $5 million pay off. Oh, and we don't think that the fact Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which followed not too long after, is any kind of a coincidence. Recent reports state that Ray J has moved into Kim and Kanye's neighborhood. Very cozy, we think.

7 2007: Keeping up with the Kardashians


Starting around 2007 and 2008, several things are happening. Notice the booty. Notice the seemingly sleeker nose and more tapered cheeks. Kim has admitted to Botox and makeup contouring, but no more. Still, we wonder. She had graduated from bad girl on the town, to in your face sexy and bold with smokey eyes and more (and more) cleavage. There is nothing subtle about leopard print. Is it just us, or do we seem to have more of her best assets to deal with than in her Paris Hilton days? Notice the sweet couple, background left, as Bruce plants a kiss on Kris's cheek. Kim has become a sexy and crazy Kardashian; in fact, THE main sexy and crazy Kardashian.

6 2008 - 2009: Dancing with the Stars: Fitter, Skinnier And Serious?


We have a skinnier, fitter and buffer Kim, looking serious and totally unmade up in her workout gear alongside a ballroom dancing glitzy orange doll, doing a "I am determined" selfie. The show seems to have that effect on its stars. During the 2008 season, Kim was paired with Mark Ballas. While she was the third contestant to be eliminated, no less than Perez Hilton raved about Kim's new skinny, buff look. And it launched her into 2009 and a string of lucrative businesses and endorsements, including co-founding Shoe Dazzle, judging on America's Next Top Model, and the launching of her first fragrance called (guess what) "Kim Kardashian".

5 2010: Going Global, Madam Tussauds And $6 million


If you like long flowing, slightly curled locks, eyelashes out the door, cleavage and lots of money, you'll love Kim in 2010. That year saw her hit the international stage big time, developing clothes for chain BeBe and getting her own wax doll at Madame Tussauds. She, Khloe and Kourtney even published a New York Time's best selling autobiography called Kardashian Konfidential. At the end of the year, International Business Times reported that she was the biggest reality-based star of the year, having raked in $6 million. What started with Keeping up with the Kardashians, had turned into a burgeoning international business empire. It's a more determined Kim that emerges in that year.

4 2011: Kris Humphries Comes And Goes, A Classier Toned-Down Kim


What happened to our leopard-printed, big booty, cleavage on display Kim? We now get a more sexy 'girl next door' vibe. The wedding to Humphries was, to say the least, a media sensation. Some uncharitable types claimed it was all staged for publicity and money. Well, they were together all of 72 days, after all. Her former publicist has claimed that the whole thing was staged to generate money and, of course, attention. Kim denied the claim and sued. That same year, our 'girl next door' sued Old Navy for using a Kim K. look alike in their ads. The Kardashians and their brand got a lot of flack for what many said was a put-up marriage. Kim even had to give expensive wedding presents back.

3 2012 - 2014: Kanye, North West, Marriage, Comfy And Blonde


Kim started dating Kanye West in 2012. In June of 2013, their daughter North West was born. A few months after the birth, she kept her long locks, but went ash blonde. This period also saw the rise of comfy Kim, in pullovers and more mommy friendly clothes. She and Kanye (with North very much in evidence) married in Florence, Italy, in May of 2014. Her wedding dress was simply elegant. To say that there was a media blitz, would be a gross understatement. Some say the wedding cost over $12 million. But they can probably afford it. Kim reportedly is worth an estimated $64 million and Kanye $130 million. Some reports suggested that West bought her a string of European Burger Kings as a wedding present.

2 2014: "Break The Internet"


Hooray! Our old, in your face, bit booty, outrageous Keeping up with the Kardashians   Kim was back for a "Break the Internet" stunt and a cover on Paper Magazine. This is actually the sanitized image, as what appeared on the winter 2014 cover of the magazine was a bare-bottomed Kim above a caption reading, "Break the Internet". Well, maybe they didn't break the Internet, but the magazine's website got nearly 16 million views in one day. Some said it was a self-serving publicity stunt. Well, yeah it was. Otherwise, what's the point. Some uncharitable types took one look at her booty and claimed enhancement, Photoshop, or both.

1 2015: Paris, Platinum Blonde, Body On Display And A Cowgirl Vibe

Our old Kim is well and truly back. In March of 2015, she attended Paris Fashion Week and caused quite a stir with slightly shorter platinum blonde hair. During the day, she wore a nipple revealing dress and no bra, and then later donned a Balmain dress that shouted cowgirl. Lots of leg and no cleavage. Rumor had it that her immobile face shouted Botox, Botox, Botox. Some pictures showed her blonde mane swept back, reportedly causing Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, to claim she was channeling Draco and his swept back platinum locks. It certainly got her and Kanye West a lot of attention and media coverage.

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