Kelly Osbourne to Undergo Tests after Seizure

The main theory that doctors have put forward about Kelly’s seizures is that, she could be suffering from epilepsy. Anybody with epilepsy is likely to experience serious bouts of seizures from time to time. For such a person, life is rather hard. The person should be under serious medical attention. Kelly is extremely popular on television and her role on Fashion Police is something that is particularly commendable. It is therefore quite unfortunate that she has had to be at the receiving end of such seizures and that she actually had to go through the whole process of hospitalization. It was not something her fans and admirers expected. The news was thus a great shock and disappointment.

We now have to wait and find out what the doctors have to finally say about Kelly’s medical condition. This could be important as it could determine whether she can appear on television regularly.

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Kelly Osbourne to Undergo Tests after Seizure