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Is David Bowie Going on Tour Soon?

Is David Bowie Going on Tour Soon?


The English musician David Bowie says that he isn’t going to promote the album “Next Day” actively. However, Iman, his supermodel wife has an entirely different suggestion. Rumor had it that their daughter’s schooling would require Iman to stay at home more often. Traveling would thus be quite difficult. The couple seems to have worked this out, as Iman says that David at least will be back on the road to promote his album.

Iman says that she and her daughter are both going to make an effort to be on the road with David, but they cannot do so all the time or too often. Rather, they are content to just go and visit him from time to time, while he is promoting the album.


David Bowie is an amazing musician. His albums are very successful for the wonderful lyrics that characterize the songs. Next Day is as good as all of his other albums. His fans have been looking forward to its release for some time now. Its tunes are rather catchy and can appeal to people of every age group, right from those who are between ten to twelve years of age, to those who are above sixty.


David has a great voice. His fans can get to hear it once again when they buy Next Day. According to Gerry Leonard who is the lead guitarist for David Bowie, the artist is not a hundred percent decided on whether he wants to go on a tour soon. He wants to be by his daughter, while she is growing up, and is not too happy with the idea of being far away from home. David Bowie comes across as quite a dedicated father. It seems that he and Iman have been doing a thorough job of educating their child and bringing her up to be a great human being.

Tony Viconti who is the producer of this album however has some disappointing news to give. He says that Bowie is quite adamant about not performing on a tour. He confirms that Bowie does not want to be away from home at this time. But eventually he might have to for fulfilling his commitments. It might thus be soon enough we get to see Bowie on the road again.

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