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Housewife Tamra Barney Talks About Her New Fitness Program

Housewife Tamra Barney Talks About Her New Fitness Program

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“The Real Housewives of Orange County” ranks among the more popular shows on American television. There are few shows that are as bitchy and as entertaining as this one. Tamra Barney is of course one of the most amusing characters on the show. She is the person everyone wants to watch out, and does not want to mess with, as this would in turn invite a lot of trouble. Tamra Barney has a big mouth and can shut people up in no time at all.

She is now set to gain fame as a fitness expert. Tamra is opening her very first fitness center in California, Orange County. According to reports, she will be putting all the star housewives into shape and in absolutely no time at all. This lady sure as hell means business!

Tamra says that her fitness center is called “CUT Training”. It is confined only to the Orange County area of Los Angeles! Tamra says that CUT is what stands for Cardio Unique Training. A whole lot of courses can be availed at this fitness center including body pump classes and the power zumba classes. The fitness training center has been built over an area that is as massive as 6,300 square feet. So there is a lot of room for participants to space themselves out while doing the exercises. The body pump exercises are those that Tamra is particularly fond of. She has been teaching them to some of her clients. The experience has been good. She has really come to love these exercises which she does with a barbell! Tamra spoke about how hard ballerina’s work is, and that they get those amazing bodies only by working out the way they do. Being a ballerina is not easy. You have to work out for hours to look like them.

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Tamra is very excited about the grand opening which she is going to host sometime soon to promote her new fitness center. She says that the fitness center will be hosting some demo classes to make clients understand what the fitness programs at the center are all about. This is a good idea since customers are always interested once they are provided with a demonstration of how it works. Giving clients some demo on CUT training is an excellent business move. It is certain to get Tamra a large number of clients.

Tamra reportedly underwent a certificate training program for the body pump training program which she provides at her fitness center in the Orange County. She says that being a part of this program turned out to be quite an ordeal for her. It was held for two days. She had to work out for as long as eighteen years. That’s quite a lot even for someone who is a workout enthusiast.

Tamra also stated that fitness is something which she has been interested in for a long time. She worked for several years at the LA fitness center when she was eighteen years of age. It was always her dream to someday open a gym of her very own.

Tamra Barney

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