Hollywood's 10 Strictest Celebrity Parents

Believe it or not, there are still Hollywood parents out there wanting to raise their children the right way. While many celebrity kids drop out of high school to become socialites, these famous parents definitely won’t be giving their children the options in following that same route. Why? Because these celebs are considered to be relatively strict. From teenagers being limited to the amount of hours of television they are granted each week, to disallowing their kids from eating candy, carbohydrates, and food packed with gluten (you can already guess who this celeb mom is), these parents don’t play when it comes to setting down the rules in their household. Some of the names in the list may shock you as parents that aren't considered to be tough on their kids, but guess again, because there’s not one celeb on this list who doesn't follow a strict regime into raising their children right. Not every parent in Hollywood wants their child to end up like one of the Kardashians, as shocking as that may sound. It gives the world hope in knowing that famous celebs still want to see their children attend college and, at least, set their eyes on a degree. Here is the list of the ten strictest celebrity parents who are tough when it comes to raising their kids.

10 David and Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham have certainly done a good job with their children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, but it’s all thanks to their strict parenting skills. According to David, him and Victoria have many rules that their children must follow. "Me and Victoria were brought up with strong discipline by our parents and to have respect for people and our boys have definitely got that,” Beckham stated in an interview with Man About Town. What makes this so interesting is that, unlike other Hollywood kids, the Beckham kids have never acted out in public — always on their best behavior, even when their parents are not around.

9 Madonna

Say what you want about Madonna, but when it comes to being a mother to three kids, that’s when the songstress cuts the gimmicks and turns serious. Madonna is widely known for her shenanigans — she still thinks it’s appropriate to get naked on stage in hopes to create some sort of shock value. But it seems that Madge is the complete opposite when she’s at home with her children. Madonna famously said in a 2005 interview that her children, Lourdes and Rocco, were banned from watching television because it’s “filled with trash”. Candy and other sweets were other things Madonna did not like; both of her kids weren’t allowed to have ice-cream, either.

8 Mariah and Nick Cannon


While it’s hard to imagine Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey being strict on their children, apparently that really is the case. Birthing twins, Moroccan and Monroe, may have been hard for Mariah, but perhaps not as hard as dealing with the trouble they get into. It’s twice the work to deal with. Luckily for Carey, when her children do get out of hand, Nick steps in and reportedly disciplines them harsh enough to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. "My kids — it’s a blessing — they’re extremely disciplined,” Cannon told People. "I’ve got the loudest voice in the house. They hear my voice and they freeze."

7 Jessica Alba


Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, may not seem like a strict mother, but she wants you to know that she doesn't play when it comes to her kids misbehaving. In an interview with People, The Fantastic Four starlet says she disciplines her kids, Haven and Honor, in the way she thinks is most appropriate. Speaking of what punishments she gives her children when they act out, Jessica says: “It’s ‘Stand in the corner and put your nose against the wall!’" Considering that Haven is only 2, that punishment may be a little extreme, but Alba says it does the trick.

6 Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet has strict guidelines of her own when it comes to her parenting techniques. The Titanic actress has three children, who are all required to go to bed at 7:30 pm for a good night’s sleep. Refusing to do so ends in punishments that would see them miss out on watching television, eating candy during the week, and visiting local playgrounds. Winslet also doesn’t like her kids jumping on the beds. She considers it dangerous and has banned them from doing so, whether in her presence or not.

5 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


Just like the Beckhams, it seems Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have done a terrific job raising their six children. Not once have we seen them misbehave in public and made their parents look like they didn’t have control of a situation. According to Jolie, her children are well-behaved due to the close bonds they have with their parents; the boys are drawn to Brad while Angie communicates better with the girls. “Brad has always had this incredible bond with Mad, who's very smart, and Brad loves teaching him about history and art and culture — it's an amazing thing to watch them together,” she says. Angie would go on to add that Pitt still plays “bad cop” from time to time, but because they laid down strict disciplines from a young age, the kids know what is expected of them.

4 Michelle and Barack Obama


If you thought living in the White House as a young teenager was fun, think again. Michelle and Barack Obama sure know how to suck the fun out of it real quick. The First Lady was very vocal when asked on how she disciplines her kids, Malia and Sasha, who are privileged with such an amazing life — security guards wherever they go, butlers at all times and of course, having daddy as PRESIDENT of a country! Which would explain why Michelle only allows her children to have 6 hours of television each week. Any rudeness or misbehavior and the television is scrapped for the entire week. She monitors what her children are browsing on the internet and are only allowed to watch movies on weekdays if they happen to be educational. Good behaviour earns Malia and Sasha some time to watch TV, but it’s rare for Michelle to grant them this kind of luxury because she wants them to focus on school more than anything.

3 Bill Gates


Billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, finds the time to be a strict parent despite his busy working schedule. Keeping a close eye on his three kids and what they tend to look at when they are browsing the internet, Gates has admitted to being against the idea of giving children a phone. Any child under the age of thirteen is not granted a phone — and when they do get one, we’re going to assume it’s definitely not an iPhone. Along with limited hours to watch television and use the internet, Bill has raised his children to be strong and independent people. That would come handy once most of his $78 billion fortune is given to charity upon his death, having revealed his kids have to work for money, not rely on their father.

2 Jennifer Lopez


Having had a strict upbringing herself, it shouldn't surprise anybody to hear Jennifer Lopez having no problem laying down the rules when it comes to her twins, Emme and Maximilian. Throughout the week, Jennifer monitors the behavior of her children — even when she’s working and has a nanny at her house. She calls in to hear whether Emme and Max have been behaving themselves. If so, J-Lo grants the twins with two days filled with fun trips over the weekend. Along with two whole days of activities, Jennifer’s children will then — and only then — have access to iPads and other gadgets.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow


Of course, Gwyneth Paltrow would make our list. The Iron Man star is constantly making headlines for her parenting skills, having admitted in the past that her children, Apple and Moses, are prohibited from eating junk food… ever! Eating something that Paltrow has not approved of may result in a punishment. Gwyneth’s self-made meals are said to be healthy and 100% gluten-free, yet they don’t include carbohydrates. This means no pasta, and no bread. It was also revealed that Paltrow is very fond of the idea of having her kids speak multiple languages, so much that she has them watch their favorite cartoons in French and Spanish to pick up the words from a young age.

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