Heather McDonald Reveals Who Her Favorite Kardashian Is!

Asked who her favorite Kardashian was, the answer was instant: Khloe Kardashian! Yes, it seems that Heather is rather fond of the youngest of the Kardashian siblings. While she gets along fine with Kourtney and Kim, it is Khloe whom she adores. She likes the fact that this Kardashian is bold and brazen and has the guts to stand up to her mother, Kris Jenner, who is quite a dominating personality in the household. Khloe is also a whole lot of fun because of her youth and vitality and can prove to be the most entertaining company.

When asked about her new book, “My Inappropriate Life”, where she gives some advice for new mothers-to-be, she smiled in response saying it was one of the best books she had brought out ever. We spoke about how Jennifer Garner is such a cool mom and whether she would ever want to hang out with her. Heather’s reply was that Jennifer is an extremely sophisticated and good mom with a lot of rules for her children. She looks up to Jennifer so much that she would never really consider the idea of hanging out with her ever.

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Heather McDonald Reveals Who Her Favorite Kardashian Is!