Geri Halliwell in the Tube Station after 17 Long Years

It was not easy for Ginger Spice to get into the train after so many years. When she got out of the tube after the ride, she was almost out of breath. Commuters in London are known to take the tube to go to work. It is therefore surprising that a person would feel out of breath when getting up on one of these for travel, even if this person is a celebrity. Geri of course gave us valid reasons for being so out of breath after a metro ride in London. She got onto the train after 17 long years. That’s quite a long time. It is surprising that Geri she managed to post some pictures of hers while in the train, in good humor, on her twitter. Her fans are going to enjoy seeing this picture when they see it online.

We have to see whether the other celebs in the United Kingdom take the cue now and start using the tube for moving about in London? If they do, they will surely get an unique and exciting experience.


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Geri Halliwell in the Tube Station after 17 Long Years