Famous Rappers Who Hate Each Other

Rappers may seem like the toughest of people with the thickest skin, but the truth is quite the opposite. Underneath all the machismo and big talk, most rappers have really fragile egos. When something is said that rubs them the wrong way, it usually escalates into a real beef rather quickly. Here is a list of rappers who dislike each other that you may not have known about …

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8 Maino and Trinidad James

Via: www.youtube.com

This is one of those rap beefs that stems from territorial differences. The two rappers involved are Maino, (who currently calls himself the King of Brooklyn) and Trinidad James (a young upstart from Atlanta). The disagreement started when Trinidad James came to NYC to perform last year and took a shot at all New York rappers by saying that Atlanta Hip-Hop was taking over the NYC rap scene. And of course, with NYC being the mecca of the entire Hip-Hop culture, rappers from Gotham didn’t take too kindly to these words. Maino publicly called James out on Twitter for his comments and he also released a taped conversation between them in which he asked him to apologize. Thankfully the issue didn’t escalate but the two of them are definitely not the best of friends.

7 Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Wayne:

Via: www.hiphopdx.com

So by now it’s pretty much common knowledge that Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj absolutely HATE each other’s guts. But did you also know that Lil’ Kim had a problem with Lil’ Wayne too? Perhaps, it’s because her nemesis Nicki Minaj is signed to Wayne’s Young Money label. Actually there is more to it than that. Wayne put out a mixtape that had the lines, “I done lost a couple of hoes / But I’m still a pimp/ just changed the face of my rollie/ Shout out to Lil’ Kim.” Kim of course took it as a dis because of her extensive plastic surgery and she hit back on Twitter saying, “Bwahaha!!! That was real cute homegirl @ lil ‘Tutu … oops I mean @liltunechi!!!!”  She was making fun of Wayne’s Twitter handle. Lil Kim just put out a new mixtape, and we are actually eager to see whether she can gain the relevance and popularity she had about a decade ago.

6 Rick Ross and Talib Kweli:

Via; uptownmagazine.com

One of the major street hits of last year was the track “UOENO” by Atlanta rapper Rocko. It was also one of the most controversial. Miami rapper Rick Ross was featured on it, and he had some lines in his verse that drew the ire of pro-women groups all over the country. The line was: “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that / She ain’t even know it.” He was effectively talking about date rape in slang terminology and he ended up temporarily losing his Reebok deal over these incendiary lyrics. Socially conscious Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli was also offended and he publicly called Ross out. Kweli said that the rapper’s lyrics were misguided and added that: “Rick Ross condoned rape in that song … and he should apologize, and his apology that he offered was unacceptable.”  We can be sure that these two won’t be hopping on a song together anytime soon.

5  Azealia Banks and Rita Ora:

Via: www.mirror.co.uk

In the last five years, there is probably no one in the music industry who has had more beef and senseless disagreements with other rappers than Harlem rapper Azealia Banks. She has had problems with T.I., Jim Jones, Iggy Azalea and even her own management and record label. Last year, she took her aggressive attitude towards British pop star Rita Ora. Apparently Rita Ora put up a picture of herself on Instagram wearing “jelly shoes” and she captioned the photo by saying she was “bringing them back.” Sounds pretty harmless right? But this set off the easily agitated Ms. Banks, and she replied saying that she wore those already last year. Things quickly got personal and Banks continued to say, “She’s mad she’s Rihanna’s understudy.” Ora replied by saying, “I don’t know who the  f**k you are … u don’t know me … I’ve done nothing but try to be nice to u.” Whew, can’t we all just get all along?

4 Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj: 

Via: www.bet.com

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is one of the most unpredictable rappers in the industry. After all, he is the rapper who got an ice-cream cone tattooed on his face some years back. Last September , Gucci Mane was apparently on one of his drug-induced benders when he took to Twitter for a lengthy rant. In it, he made some outrageous claims about having a threesome with himself, Wacka Flocka and Nicki Minaj and he also mentioned having sex with the mother of Tyga’s child Blac Chyna.. Of course Nicki had to respond, and she fired back by saying that Gucci Mane looked like an “upset stomach.” She even added that “his career isn’t going anywhere like horses in a stable.” Ouch, that hurts.

3  Trina & French Montana:

Via: bossip.com

This particular case of rapper beef came about from the proverbial “love triangle”- a phenomenon that has been in existence since time immemorial. Before Bronx rapper French Montana started dating Khloe Kardashian, he was apparently making cozy with Miami rapper Trina. But when he realized that he could get tons of instant popularity and media buzz by shacking up with Khloe, he did what any opportunistic rapper would do and jumped ship. But now it looks like everything has blown up in his face. Khloe recently dumped him for being too needy, and there is no way Trina is taking him back. She recently put out a song called “F**k Love” in which she hurls barbs at both French and Khloe. Whoever came up with the phrase “Love Hurts” knew exactly what they were talking about!

2 Ray J & Kanye:

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

Whenever two confident and accomplished men have a perpetual, ongoing dispute – chances are there is a woman in the middle that led to that situation. That’s the exact scenario between Kanye West and Ray J. The woman in this equation happens to be Kim Kardashian. Ray J happens to be one of the first popular people that Kim K dated and there is even a sex tape that documents their romantic escapades. Even though she’s now married to Kanye West and the mother of his child, Ray J chose to throw some salt in the wound last year by releasing a song called “I Hit It First.” He claimed that the song wasn’t about Kim, but in the accompanying video, he even had a Kim Kardashian look-alike playing the part of the vixen in the video. Kanye West remained mum while this circus played out and you can be sure that  when these two are ever alone in the same room, fireworks will fly!

1 Jim Jones & Dame Dash:

Via: www.bet.com

This past August, a surprising thing happened on Twitter. Rapper Jim Jones went a little crazy and called out his long term friend and business associate Dame Dash for being a thief and a culture vulture. This was totally unexpected because both of them are Harlem representatives and they’ve stuck around and stood up for each other through the toughest of times (like Jay-Z’s business parting with Dame). Funnily enough, the usually quick-tempered Dame didn’t deliver a fiery response – he instead held out an olive branch to try and work things out. It doesn’t look like their present disagreement will escalate any further, but for now, these two are definitely not vibing at all.

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