Ethan Hawke's NYC Townhouse

Ethan Hawke’s New York City Townhouse – Estimated Value - $6.25 Million

The actor, writer and director Ethan Hawke is selling off his townhouse in NYC. This swanky property has been valued at a cool $6.25 Million.

The star of Dead Poets Society, Reality Bites, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Training Day, Gattaca, Alive, Midnight Clear and others of course has another property – an entire island in Nova Scotia, though small. But he prefers to live in this Manhattan townhouse. The 3.6-hectare island is just a summer retreat. It is connected to the mainland by a small land bridge.

His NYC property is swanky to say the least. There are six bedrooms and four bathrooms in this 3,500 square feet home. Take a look at some of its pictures here.

The living room has a real fireplace. The flooring is made of hardwood. This is actually a two-family home unit. There is a private entrance in the ground floor that leads to a 14-foot living room with the wood-burning fireplace. There is a kitchen, two bedrooms, patio and a wonderful garden.

There are three other floors. There is a retro kitchen that comes with a red refrigerator and yellow cabinetry, and a parlor floor with spacious living room. There are four more bedrooms in the above levels. The entire top floor is the master bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom that comes with a claw-footed tub. There is a terrace here as well. The unique thing about this property is that, almost all the rooms have different color.

Ethan Hawke had purchased this property in 2005 for $3 Million. He should be able to find a buyer at $6.5 Million quite easily. This means a cool profit for Ethan Hawke. This four-story townhouse is located in the Chelsea of Manhattan, which is celebrity-studded.

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Ethan Hawke's NYC Townhouse