Do Women Marry for Love or for Money?

You have heard a lot of stories of failed marriages; people falling out of love, couples making the wrong decisions, and individuals who just cannot stand their irreconcilable differences. These reaso

You have heard a lot of stories of failed marriages; people falling out of love, couples making the wrong decisions, and individuals who just cannot stand their irreconcilable differences. These reasons seem to be the normal causes of marriages that have gone to the road of divorce and annulment. There are also some couples who just cannot agree on their financial matters, thus, they would rather go on their separate ways than fix their financial issues together. This is when you begin to think, how you actually avoid a marriage that is doomed to fail because the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with cannot even save a dollar for you. Think about it, as today, more than ever, women have become smarter and wiser when it comes to long-time commitment such as marriage.

Marriage continues to be a bond between two people founded by love and commitment. However, marriage should not just be all about love—it should be practical, it should be realistic, and it should be a source of inspiration. Marrying a man who does not even want to open a bank account or who cannot find a good job because he is too lazy to look for one will not give you a happy, fulfilled marriage. Doing this will not turn your frog into a prince, because he will remain being the frog no matter how many times you kiss him.

A significant part of your decision in marriage should be beyond emotions, it should also be about thinking whether the man you are going to marry can provide you and your future family your basic needs and if he can make you feel financially secure. When posted with a choice if women should marry for love or money—smart women would marry for money, not because they are materialistic, but because they want to have a solid foundation for their marriage which they can fill with love.

More than saving yourself from having those visible lines on your face from the stress of paying for your home bills and more than being able to shop from your favorite store once in a while and sipping a glass of margarita with your friends, here are the top benefits of being smart and marrying a man who has a financial plan. Take note, a man with a financial plan does not necessarily mean you need to be a gold digger and marry a billionaire or hook up with a popular celebrity—these are just far-fetched ideas. Go through this list of benefits and the next thing you will surely do is dump your boyfriend who cannot even buy his own soda.

3 Less financial arguments and issues at home

Women who married a financially savvy partner are lucky that their partners know the importance of money in their marriage. It may seem like a corporate merger but the truth is, in marriage, the two of you will contribute for your bills, expenses, and for your future plans. You are building a home together, think of it as if you are building a company and you need to have sufficient funds to build your home. Finances is a significant part of marriage. You can never turn your back on your finances, instead, you and your husband should be on top of it.

2 Aligned financial values

A smart woman knows how to pay her bills, she buys things only her money can buy, she does not spend beyond her means, and she saves up for something that she really wants. A smart woman will never fall for a man who cannot pay for his car mortgage, or for a man who spends more than he earns. When going out on a date, you need to assess if the man is able to show interest in managing his finances effectively. You also have to listen to him if he has plans of investing or saving for his future family. It is important to have a sense check of his lifestyle—if he is living beyond his means, you might be up for a stressful journey of credit card haunting, while if he cannot even take you to a nice restaurant for dinner, then you might be up for a life made of everyday home-cooked meals and monthly visits to thrift shops. When you look at the man you are dating, do you see yourself, a few years from now, watching a movie with him in a nice cinema, or do you see yourself crying in self pity because you cannot even afford to buy a new shirt? Build a dream, build your future, and that journey begins now.

1 A man with a plan

A smart woman knows that her future husband cannot just rely on the lottery for their meal for the next month, she knows that her partner should be able to give her and her family financial security because he has a plan. Where would he want to work five years from now? Does he plan to buy a home? Does he want to upgrade his car? Does he want to go on a big vacation next year? The man’s financial plans may be long-term or short-term, what matters is that he has a financial plan. The plan need not be as detailed as an accountant’s asset and liability sheet, what you need to feel is that this man you are about to marry has plans on where he would want to spend his money. First, he needs to have that money to spend, and secondly, he needs to have a clear direction where he wants to spend his money.

Happy ever afters do not just begin when the priest says, “You may now kiss the bride.” It begins once the wedding bells stop ringing and when the wedding gown is put back in a box and kept in the closet. Your married life is just about to begin—better make it worth the wait.

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Do Women Marry for Love or for Money?