Dinner In The Sky! Luxuary Dining High Above The Ground!

Have you ever wanted to treat your loved ones or friends to a luxurious night they would never forget? A fancy dinner out on the town like no other? Well how about a fancy night above the town!

This innovative company, Dinner In The Sky, offers luxury dinners cooked by world class chefs in cities ranging from Las Vegas to London. Dinner In The Sky suspends you 180 ft above the ground while you eat a luxury meal.  You can see Dinner In The Sky at many world class events such as 24 hours of Le Mans, or The Fifa soccer finals.

Weather its an investment banking firm party, a royal get together, or a poker game above the strip in vegas, Dinner In The sky is bound to please any literal high roller. If you are part of a large organization that would like to book Dinner In The Sky, check out their website,

For the traveler who would like to just take his date or friends up above the city lights, Dinner In The Sky will be taking nightly reservations in their new Vegas location. This is an opportunity to have an unforgettable dinner with loved ones and friends!

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Dinner In The Sky! Luxuary Dining High Above The Ground!