Dating Advice on How Women Think and What They Want

How do women think? How many stars are up in the sky? How many drops of rain fall during a storm? Those are questions that are impossible to answer. If you want to know how a woman thinks, it may be n

How do women think? How many stars are up in the sky? How many drops of rain fall during a storm? Those are questions that are impossible to answer. If you want to know how a woman thinks, it may be necessary to ask each one of them. And even if you get to accomplish that, it still may not be enough as a woman’s answer may change from one minute to the next.

But that is what makes them women and what makes going after them exciting and fun. Still, if there are 10 things that men should know about how women think, it may be good to take note of the following.


10 When it comes to asking for a date, patience is not a virtue.

Men usually take their own sweet time before asking a woman out for a date. Men has this notion that waiting is out is equivalent to playing it cool. Not all women are willing to wait it out, however. This is especially true as a woman gets older and the biological clock starts ticking louder. If you are interested in a woman, then ask her out already. She is not going to wait that long.


9 When it comes to courting, patience is a virtue.

Yes, one minute, patience is one thing; the next minute, it becomes the complete opposite. But hey, just because a woman agrees to go out with you, it does not mean that she is willing to be taken home at the end of the date. Hanging out is not equivalent to putting out or even making out. Take the time to get to know her because she sure will take her time before she even agrees to do anything intimate with you.


8 Women are fine with casual dating. Just tell her about it.

Men have this notion that women only go out on dates to find a boyfriend and get into a serious relationship. And women will get deeply hurt when things do not turn into romance in the end. Women can actually go on casual dates too. Just be honest and upfront about it. What gets a woman’s goat is a guy’s hot and cold behavior. If you want to be serious in a relationship, fine. If you want things stay casual, there should be no problem so long as you tell the woman right from the start.


7 Sexy is…

Men think that to be sexy, one has to wear the latest clothing and sport the latest gadgets. But do you really know what women find sexy? Classic clothes are sexy for most women, meaning plain shirt and a pair of hot jeans. Knowing how to ask for advice is also sexy. The ability to do chores, be it by building or making something from scratch or fixing something broken or cooking even just a simple meal can increase a man’s sexiness factor several times over.


6 Money may not buy you love, but being cheap will land you nowhere either.

Sure, flowers, diamonds and chocolates may help you get a decent shot, but unless you are trying to buy off a relationship, material things can only do so much. Personality and humor still rule, which is why a lot of women fall for men who knows how to make them laugh. On the other hand, being a tightwad will lead you nowhere either. Never focus how much your dinner would cost. Do tip the wait staff of restaurants properly. A cheapskate is one giant turnoff for a woman.


5 The dating process is a struggle for women as well.

Some men think that the success or failure of a date depends entirely on him. They need to be able to impress the woman right off the bat, even as they judge whether the girl is good for casual relationships or for keeps. Women actually have the same fears when they go out on dates. Is the guy good enough to date exclusively? Should this remain casual? Is he a keeper? Is he worth sacrificing my independence for? The things that men ask as a relationship goes along are the same questions that women have.


4 Women hear non-verbal cues loud and clear.

Have you ever heard of women’s intuition? There is a reason why this came about and the reason is that it is real and true. When something is off or amiss, a woman will, more often than not, have a sense of it. So if a guy gets asked what he did the previous night and why he did not call or if they are indeed dating exclusively, men should just do the right thing and answer truthfully. A woman can easily interpret each pregnant pause, deep breath, stutter and inability to look straight as if you were taking a lie-detector test.


3 Do not mold the woman to be like your mother.

A guy who is not ashamed to be vocal and to show his love for his mother may be a plus point, as it implies a respectful person who knows how to be grateful to other people. But it should end at that. Do not expect a woman to cook just like your mother does or to have points of view similar to your mom’s. it is wrong because she is her own person. Even worse, it would be simply creepy, and that is putting it mildly.


2 All the small things.

The small things matter if you want to impress a woman big time. Never forget the important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, etc. Try to keep in mind her favorite items, like flowers, perfumes, color, artists, music, etc. All these small things will soon pile together as one huge plus point for you.


1 The truth may hurt, but…

If you decide to end a relationship or not pursue a courtship, tell the woman straight off. Guys tend to end relationships the quickest and painless way possible for them, avoiding drawn-out break up discussions in the process. If you have even an iota of respect for the girl, tell her directly that you are breaking up. While it may hurt, women prefer that rather than be left hanging on the perch forever wondering what happened.

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Dating Advice on How Women Think and What They Want