Countries That Even The Rich Want To Escape

Despite the progress the world has made economically and socially, not all countries and areas of the world have experienced prosperity, or big enough economic growth and income to the point where sta

Despite the progress the world has made economically and socially, not all countries and areas of the world have experienced prosperity, or big enough economic growth and income to the point where stability has been reached. Many countries struggle with extreme weather patterns, political corruption, exponential population growth, poverty, sickness, disease and war. While these issues may not always be present, they are there now and affect a large portion of the native population.

In many of these countries, the support may not yet be there and the country may not always have the resources that it requires to pull itself up out of poverty into the middle region of comfort. The lack of wealth in these countries leads to ever growing strife and friction, especially among the haves and the have not. In these countries there may be far more people struggling and living in poverty than there are those able to put food on the table and live relatively entitled lives with access to resources such as clean water, food, medical care, and adequate shelter.

These conditions create and lead to higher rates of homicide and crime as well as sickness and other undesirable side effects. The big disparity between the wealthy and the poor in these countries means that those who become wealthy in these areas are in the minority. This can lead to greater targeting and singling out of wealthy individuals and their families for violence. A poor economy and people combined with national problems and issues and a lack of resources leads to a lot of tension and strife between the extremely poor and the wealthy. Read on to learn about more of the top 10 countries the rich can't wait to escape.

10 North Korea : GDP Per Capita estimated $1,800

The poverty in North Korea is wide spread and is decimating the local people. Since the death of dictator Kim Jong-Il, his son Kim Jung-Un has taken over the task of dictator for the country. While rumors and news reports of the starvation and poverty of North Korea's people run rampant, the North Korean government has denied these allegations. With wide spread government corruption, a demand for loyalty to its government, and a struggling economy, North Koreans poor and wealthy alike have a difficult time escaping the country, with high penalties for those who try to leave the country, including being sentenced to years of hard labor. With almost half of its population in industry and the rest in agriculture and service, there's not a lot of money or food to go around in North Korea, meaning that if you're wealthy, you'll need the money to pay your way out of the country without being caught.

9 Afghanistan : GDP Per Capita $1,072.19

One of the poorest countries in the world, Afghanistan boasts a low GDP per capita with 42% of its total population living below the poverty line. Not helping the case is the country's radical militants and other armed groups, with high levels of kidnappings for ransoms and homicides and bombs happening constantly. Rather than keeping the country's legendary poppy production and farming levels down, the political and economic situation has spurred poppy production and its opium and heroin production to be higher than ever before, with more and more turning to poppy farming not only for profit but just to keep their heads above the line. In addition, 1.5 million Kuchis who made their living off of livestock and migrations have lost their migration patterns and revenue and a total of 1 million Afghan war widows. This war torn country is one of the most dangerous places on Earth and makes it one of the 10 countries the rich can't wait to escape.

8 Madagascar : GDP Per Capita $972.07

Madagascar is an island nation that is in the Indian Ocean off of the coast of East Africa. Known in developed countries primarily for its exotic wildlife and animated movie namesake, Madagascar has experienced a tremendous decline in quality of living over the past 25 years. It is ranked 143 on the Human Development Index of the United Nations. With a decrease in income but a doubling in the population, Madagascar's poor are rural and barely producing enough food to get by.

7 Malawi : GDP Per Capita $893.84

Malawi is 160 out of 182 countries on the Human Development Index. 90% of the country lives on less than $2 U.S. a day. The poor and very poor are located in the southern most and northern most parts of the country. Over a third of house holds earn their living off of fishing and farming. Crop failures, increases in food prices, weather, and illness have all contributed to the crisis in Malawi. Malawi further suffers from terrible poverty and a population that has been drastically affected by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Just under 12% of Malawi's total population suffers from HIV/AIDS.

6 Niger : GDP Per Capita $853.43

Located in Africa, Niger is one of the world's least developed countries. In addition to being landlocked, 76% of its people live on less than $2 U.S. a day. Its rich natural resources of uranium, oil, and gold generate a great deal of money for the government, but the majority of the average person's income comes from agriculture. With climate changes causing an increase of negative natural phenomenon in weather such as drought, Niger faces serious challenges ahead and a potential food crisis that will lead to even more violence and instability.

5 Central African Republic : GDP Per Capita $827.93

The Central African Republic has a high number of displaced peoples and refugees coming across its borders from neighboring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Sudan. This increased population has caused a soaring increase in the amount of disease, illness, and starvation among those currently situated in the Central African Republic. The Republic does not have much to offer its current citizens however either, with a corrupt government, lack of economic development, and poor industrialization.

4 Liberia : GDP Per Capita $716.04

Liberia is still suffering the effects from a disastrous civil war that ended in 2003. More than 80% of the Liberian people live on $1.25 U.S. a day or less. With a majority of the population susceptible to food insecurity and half already suffering from food insecurity, Liberia is low income and farming employs over 70% of the total population, however, farmers that farm small scale are among the poorest in the country. With poor infrastructure and access to markets, Liberia is truly one of the most difficult and impoverished places to live in the world.

3 Zimbabwe : GDP Per Capita $589.46

Zimbabwe's GDP would be the lowest in the world if it weren't for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its GDP ranking places Zimbabwe as the second poorest nation in the world. With this title comes a whole lot of problems. The country has been massively mismanaged under the reign of dictator Robert Mugabe and has seen its economy plummet further than ever before, causing massive poverty. Those living under poverty cannot help to ever become wealthy or at least well off under the current state of corrupt officials, bribery, high unemployment rates, and sky high levels of inflation. The only people likely to be wealthy in Zimbabwe are those already wealthy or getting into politics. The broke down state of Zimbabwe and the lack of likelihood for the situation to improve is yet another reason why the wealthy can't wait to escape this poverty-ridden country.

2 Democratic Republic of the Congo : GDP Per Capita $394.25

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the worst nations when it comes to its status regarding poverty and economic development. Poverty has only risen in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the 1980s. Now over half of the people who live there do so under the poverty line. Since rife civil conflict in the 90s, the Democratic Republic has seen many of its vital rail lines and rural roads completely destroyed. Its financial crisis worsened during this time and one third of the country's people were displaced. Today, one third of the children in the Congo's rural areas suffer from malnutrition, and AIDS and HIV contribute to the country's struggle to pull itself out of poverty. This is only one aspect of why people in the Congo are poor, however. With low agricultural yields and profits, expensive transportation costs, and a weak system of communication, the majority of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are very poor and likely to stay that way, with little economic development in sight. Its rampant poverty and terrible conditions make this one country that the rich can't wait to get out of.

1 Somalia : GDP Per Capita $145.06

Somalia lacks any formal structure of ordered government or laws right now, making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world for rich and poor alike. The country is almost entirely seen over now by criminals and war lords, whose vast reaches of power and violence have more power here than anything else. With an economy based almost entirely on drug trafficking and black market revenues and a nation that is embroiled in an unofficial civil war, not to mention vast amounts of desperate Somalians turning to illegal activities such as pirating, Somalia is no place for the wealthy unless they're running it.

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Countries That Even The Rich Want To Escape