Celebrity Pinterest Accounts That Will Make You Jealous

Have you tried Pinterest, the bookmark sharing website? If the usage stats from ShareThis are any indication, you probably have. In a recent study, they found that Pinterest has surpassed email for the most popular way to share things online. In fact, Pinterest saw a 58% growth in 2013. Users create their own boards, whether about food, style or DIY projects, and pin their favorite things to those boards.

But the regular public aren't the only ones adding their favorite things to their Pinterest boards. Celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, too. Singers post pictures from their worldwide tours, actors post about their favorite home decor and models show off their important fashion choices.

If you've ever wanted to drool over the lifestyle choices of the rich and famous, celebrity Pinterest boards are the way to go. Read on for 10 celebrity Pinterest accounts that will make you wish you were famous.


10 Rachel Zoe Flaunts Fashion and Accessories

Rachel Zoe is a very active user on Pinterest. She has over 20 boards filled with fashion and style-related pins. As you might expect from a fashion designer, many of her boards are dedicated to her own vintage-inspired clothing line. Since a single Rachel Zoe dress can cost more than $500, you may start rearranging your finances once you follow her boards. Beyond her own clothing, Rachel also pins style inspiration from other brands. Her "Living in Style" boards can make anyone yearn for a life of luxury. It features rich interior design ideas, beauty treatments and accessories to sell your soul for.

9 Martha Stewart Has a Heavenly Home


You can imagine that Martha Stewart would have a life that's worth the envy of everyone around her (minus the prison time, of course). For decades, she's been known for her home decorating and DIY skills, showing off her stuff for the Martha Stewart Living magazine and her various television shows. While many of her Pinterest boards seem to be devoted to the things she shows in her magazines, it's the personal boards you need to watch out for. In "Around my farm," "My travels," "My gardens" and other similar boards, Martha (or her assistants) pin photos from her real life. If you ever wanted to drool over someone's expertly-decorated mansion, you can do that here!

8 Ellen DeGeneres Pins Some Serious Style

Whether you prefer her daytime talk show or her voice work for Finding Nemo, there's a very good chance that you're a fan of Ellen DeGeneres. She's most known for her hilarious antics, touching generosity and her surprising dance skills. Have you ever watched her show and thought, "I love her outfit?" Well, you can find out exactly how to dress like her from her Pinterest account. Check out the "Ellen's Style" board. You'll find a breakdown of her outfits and what brand provided each piece. Of course, these outfits feature some seriously fancy designers, including Saint Laurent, Barney's and Dennis Kim. If you can afford even one of Ellen's outfits, you're doing well.

7 Katy Perry Stuns Us Behind the Scenes


If you love Katy Perry, the pop singer with over 180 music awards, then you should probably start following her Pinterest account. She has over 50 boards and 600 pins. Most of her boards show off her tours, concerts and promotional images. But, if you really want to get to the meat of what it's like to be an international celebrity, check out her "Behind the Scenes" board. Right away you get a nice shot of all the designer shoes she gets to wear on a regular basis. If you're a designer shoe lover, you can drool over these beauties here. If you can't afford this kind of collection, you can always live vicariously through Miss Perry and her magical life on tour.

6 Nina Garcia is All About the Style

As abrasive as Nina Garcia can be on Project Runway (though now she's only the occasional guest judge so we don't have to deal with her antics every week), there's no doubt that she knows what she's talking about when it comes to style. After all, she didn't become the creative director at Marie Claire Magazine by accident. If you have no idea how to style your own wardrobe, you can get inspiration from one of Nina's many Pinterest boards. She has pins about shoes, jewelry and the latest hot fashion trends. She even has a "Dapper Men" board if you're looking for men's fashion tips. Just keep in mind that Nina pins only the most prestigious (hint: expensive) designers.

5 Felicia Day Pins Nerdy Fashion and Decor


Felicia Day is the poster girl for beautiful geeks everywhere. She's most famous for her web series The Guild and her appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. In real life, Felicia is just as lovably nerdy as many of the characters she portrays. You can see this on her Geek & Sundry YouTube channel and on her very own Pinterest board. Most of Felicia's pins have something to do with nerdy pursuits, like the interesting designer shoes on her "Fashionz" board. If you're looking for some seriously stunning decor inspiration, check out her "Decor-educate" board.

4 Ashley Benson Shows Off a Young Celeb's Lifestyle

Any fans of the show Pretty Little Liars are probably already following Ashley Benson's Pinterest account. This actress is all the rage for scores of teen girls, and you can see why when you look at her boards. Active on Pinterest, Ashley has nearly 1,000 pins attributed to her account. When you look through her colorful boards, you get a good glimpse into the luxurious life of a young celebrity. In "decor," you get to drool over some seriously lovely interior design. In "My Style," get a look into the kind of fashion and accessories that catch Ashley's eye. You can bet that this actress, one of the stars of an award-winning TV show, can afford the kinds of outfits she loves to pin.


3 Jessica Alba Has Something for Everyone


Jessica Alba started acting at the young age of 13 with roles in both movies and TV. Although her career started out purely in entertainment, her focus quickly broadened once she had kids. In addition to acting, she now has her own product line of healthy cleaning and baby products, The Honest Company. That same broad outlook extends to her Pinterest account. There's something for everyone here! If you're into home decor that makes your house look like it came out of a magazine, check out Jessica's "Dream House," "outdoor bedroom," "For the Home" and "bedroom" boards. Moms will love the "Decor for little ones" and "Kid style" boards. If you just want to dress like this successful celeb, check out her "My Style" board.

2 Bethenny Frankel Shows Off the Glam Lifestyle

It's no surprise that Bethenny Frankel's Pinterest account is so well-organized. The television personality and entrepreneur is known for putting in a ton of effort to get exactly what she wants, including her own line of Skinnygirl Cocktails. That same drive can be seen in how immaculate her boards are. There's a Pinterest board for just about anything you could think of for the lifestyle of a classy, sophisticated and wealthy woman. If you're looking for food inspiration, there are a handful of boards to make your mouth water. Her "Home Sweet Home," "If the Shoe Fits" and "Look of the Day" boards will make you wish you had even half the amount of drive (and money) that she does.

1 Carson Kressley Makes Everyone Wish They Could Afford It


Women aren't the only ones tearing up Pinterest. Celebrity and style icon Carson Kressley is an active user on the website, too. In fact, he's the most active user on this list with over 8,000 pins to his 61 boards. If you've ever seen Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, then you might have an idea of what to expect from Carson's pins. Carson's boards are full of fashion inspiration and bits of envy-inducing style. There are multiple boards devoted to both men and women's fashion. He also has a bunch of interior design boards if you're feeling like your home needs a facelift. With so many board and pins, your "I want it" feelings will go into overload.


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