Celebrity Moms and their Celebrity Strollers

Well known actress Bethenny Frankel was recently seen taking her kid out in an adorable pram. This is the Origami Stroller. It is one of the most fashionable products in the market as far as baby items are concerned. This is a push-up stroller and makes heads turn everywhere that it is seen. The stroller costs a fortune. Only a celebrity mom can actually afford to have this in her possession. Frankel’s stroller which she uses to walk her kid everyday is black in color and has adjustable settings. Indeed the two of them look quite glamorous when out on the road.

The UPPAbaby Vista perambulator is being patronized and promoted by none other than the Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore. Having become a mom recently, she is very aware of the kind of pram that she is using when taking her kid out for a walk in the morning or evening. Drew is one of the most stylish of actresses in American cinema. She is determined to create a style statement as a celebrity mom as well. The perambulator which she uses to walk her infant can accommodate two or three children at the same time.

The Chicco Cortina travel system for babies is being sported by Claire Danes who has also become a mother very recently. This is a pram that is quite economical and is also one that is absolutely safe. There is no chance of the baby falling out of this pram. It is black in color and has a sleek appearance. It is quite elegant to look at. Claire Danes has managed to draw the attention of everybody when she was seen out walking her baby in this pram on a Sunday morning.

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Celebrity Moms and their Celebrity Strollers