Celebrities With Royal Ties

There is a certain allure that comes with being a royal. The word king or queen carries with it a certain aura. At the mention of these words, we are swept off to an era where courtly life resembled something of a fairy tale. The royals of the past lived in a world that their subjects could not even imagine. These chivalrous times complete with maidens, knights, jousts and feasts has been glorified to a point that many deem them as being a golden age of sort. The squalor that existed alongside the opulence is often forgotten. Today the royal ideal has been taken down a bit. With a ton of scandals and the fact that most of them have been reduced to nothing more than figure heads, the visions of their lives pales when compared to how it was once perceived. Despite all of their lack of power and their dirty laundry being laid out for all to see, we maintain our idealization of what being a royal means. Anyone would be excited to discover that they are related to some royal of the past. Even if the ancestor was a bad leader or a monster historically, it would be fascinating to add them to our family tree.

Celebrities today form what could be deemed the noble class of society. This is not to say that they pass laws, but they do share certain traits that are similar to the ruling class of the past. For example, the nobles of the past lived in grand estates, or castles, often protected by moats, gates and a private army. Today the stars are those who live in the gated communities complete with doormen and security guards. The lords had houses filled with priceless works of arts and one of a kind objects, much like the celebrities of today. Furthermore, the nobles of the past were the subject of much musings and gossip, which is unavoidable for the celebrities of today.

The question that we want to get to the bottom of is; are any of the modern stars related to royalty? Can there be any way that they could ascend to a throne if there was some weird accident? The fact is there is quite a large number who are related to the kings and queens of yore. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more prominent connections between today's well known people and the royals of the past.

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7 Barack Obama

Although there were those who questioned his birth origins when he was elected, one thing has been proven; the President has some royal ancestry. Genealogists have traced Obama’s ancestry all the way back to Edward I of England and William the Lion of Scotland. This is an impressive 1-2 punch to have in your past, when you add the fact that he can also claim lineage with Brian Boru who ruled Ireland from 1002 to 1014, you see that running a country is something of an hereditary trait with Obama.

6 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The couple seemed destined to be together. After showing great chemistry in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, most of us understood that the couple made sense. Their ancestry however would show a different sort of reality however. Brad is a descendant of King Henry II of England, whose son, Richard the Lionheart, had conflicts with King Philip II of France, who just happens to be one of Angelina Jolie’s Ancestors. When you look at it from a certain point of view this adds to the romanticism of the relationship. They are like two forbidden lovers, a Romeo and Juliette sort of connection. Even if their ancestors ruled in the latter part of the 12th century it makes for a nice story.

5 Hugh Grant

4 Blue Ivy Carter

No birth has been more anticipated in the music circles than one Blue Ivy Carter. When both parents are music powerhouses, you can make the argument that she already walks with a royal crowd. Lavish lifestyle, multiple dwellings, people to do her bidding, it would seem like the little princess already has everything she should need. The truth is that she is more royal than one might believe. According to a genealogy study performed by a web site called find my past, Blue Ivy is a 23rd cousin to Prince George of Cambridge, twice removed. Who is this prince George? None other than the newborn of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

3 Robert Pattinson

2 Ellen DeGeneres

When preparations were being made for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Ellen Degeneres frequently joked about expecting an invite. She was shocked when she found out that an invite, although improbable, was not completely out of the realm of possibilities since she is actually related to the bride. Ellen and Kate are 15th cousins. Sure its distant, but it is a fact. Actually Ellen is more royal than she would have thought as she is also a direct descendant of King Edward III. The new queen of daytime television can now wear her crown secure in the knowledge that being a royal is imbedded in her DNA.

1 Hilary Duff

The former Disney star, singer, actress and new mom, has been deemed the most closely related to a current royal. In a test performed by find my past, the young star was shown to be the 18th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. If there was to be a grand calamity, where a whole group of royals in line for the throne would suddenly be no more, we could conceivably have Lizzie McGuire as the queen of England. Hilary’s ties to the royal family stems from her ancestor Edward III. Even though this monarch reign was from 1327 to 1377 the connection with the royals remains the closest one of any US celebrity.

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