Brooke Burke No Longer Wants to Look 25

Brooke Burke suffered from a cancer scare recently which of course made her realize her priorities in life. After going through this scare, she realized that looking good was not a priority for her. Rather she was only interested in feeling good and will now take every step to ensure that she is hale and hearty. Burke was also condescending in her attitude towards other celebrities in Hollywood who do everything they can to make themselves look younger once they have reached forty years of age. Brooke has no intention of doing this. She is the proud mother of four children, a doting wife, and a loving daughter. She seems more than happy to fulfill these roles in her life.

Brooke says that slowing down the aging process is something that she is definitely going to think about. She is not going to allow herself to swell up and look like a pumpkin. She wants to maintain a beautiful body and be in great shape all through the year. However she is not going to do this at the cost of eating less and taking steroids. She is not going to put her body through any kind of harm and will be eating the right meals and do the right exercises.

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Brooke Burke No Longer Wants to Look 25