Brangelina Wouldn’t Have Happened If Jolie Got Farrell

The latest rumor surrounding Colin Farrell is all set to rock the movie world. This is a rumor that is going to create waves in celebrity circles as well as fan circles and comes directly from Perez Hilton’s site for celebrity gossip and rumor. It’s been said that the well known power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would never have been together had Angelina Jolie gotten her way with the Irish superstar Colin Farrell who is believed to have been the first choice of the actress for a life partner. This is certainly quite overwhelming news indeed.

Perez gave his opinion that the fire cracking chemistry and the crazy rush of adrenaline is what sets in before one can go ahead and really decide what would be good for a person, as an adult. This is precisely why Angelina must have later opted for Brad Pitt for herself. Of course, it is very difficult to see Angelina Jolie responding to any of these rumors made about her by Perez. As far as Colin Farrell is concerned, he has had two different children with two different girl friends. So for him to respond to his gossip is something that is totally unexpected. So fans who do expect the stars to respond to these rumors will only end up feeling disappointed.

Dead Man Down, the new movie in which Colin Farrell has appeared, is all set to hit the theaters soon with the trailer of the movie already released. The Newton massacre had resulted in this clip being pushed aside temporarily, but this is no longer the case. Fans of the actor can expect to see their favorite actor in this new movie. Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard are the other two actors who star in this movie along with Colin Farrell. The film is quite a racy one and fans will be certain to enjoy it. The movie is a crime thriller, a genre in which Colin Farrell is known to have made many films.

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Brangelina Wouldn’t Have Happened If Jolie Got Farrell