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Bradley Cooper Talks about Why He Lives with His Mother

Bradley Cooper Talks about Why He Lives with His Mother


It seems that Bradley Cooper is really close to his mother. He has been seen visiting the Oscars this year with her by his side. It was certainly very sweet. But one has to admit that this is quite an unusual attachment.

In an interview with People Magazine, Bradley delved into the real reasons of why he is living with his mom, and why he is seen going to various places with her. Cooper comes from a very close-knit family. He has also lost his father recently. Bradley does not want to leave his mother alone after this terrible disaster in their lives, this is why he is living with her. The mom and son duo try to enjoy as much as they can in each other’s company. It is evident that Bradley is not like most other people in Hollywood.


Cooper has a very charming personality, and that is one reason why he has been voted as one of the sexiest men in the US. But he still manages to keep a down-to-earth image. He often tends to blush when he is complimented for his looks.

Of course, living with his mother has not been too easy for him, the two are trying to make adjustments so that they do not cause difficulties for each other. Bradley and his mother live in an apartment, so it is like she is living in the next room. This does not give him much privacy, but Brad is not worried about this. His mother understands that he needs his space and gives him the room and the privacy he requires. This shows a great understanding, something that might influence many mother-son relationships.


Bradley tells us that it has been tough for him to come to terms with living with mommy. It hasn’t been easy for the mother as well, but he says that it is a great thing that his mother has landed up with him in the next room. Ideally she should be enjoying her own space instead of the son hovering around all the time. Evidently the man is extremely concerned about his mother’s well being, and wants her to move on in the best way possible. Although Bradley is busy with a number of movie projects, but he still finds the time to do fun things with his mom. The two share a relationship that many others should envy.

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