Bizarre Collections Of The Rich And Famous

It's probably not a big surprise that the rich and famous have some weird collections to their names. After all, once you have enough money to buy anything you want, it makes sense to start searching for the unusual, the stuff that nobody else can afford to own. Curious? Here are 10 weird collections some famous people proudly display in their homes.

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9 David Rockefeller Sr. -- Beetle Collection

The oldest member of the Rockefeller family has a passion for beetles. The insect, that is, not the car. In fact, David Rockefeller Sr. has been collecting beetles since he was less than 10 years old (he's now over 90) and has even discovered a few rare species.

8 Tom Hanks - Vintage Typewriters

Via: oztypewriter.blogspot.com

7 Demi Moore - Porcelain Dolls

The sexy star of Striptease might not seem like the kind of person who would be interested in dolls. But not only does Moore collect both new and antique dolls, but she also collects them in very large numbers. So many, in fact, that ex-husband Bruce Willis bought her a second house just so she could keep the collection there. Her collection consists mostly of life-like and bisque (porcelain) dolls. Bisque dolls are famous for their skin-like matte finish and large size (sometimes the size of a toddler), just like the ones you see in horror movies and haunted houses. The value of her collection? Over a million dollars.

6 Johnny Depp - Bugs and Animal Skeletons

It probably doesn't come as a surprise that the man who portrayed odd Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp collects bugs and animal skeletons -- among a number of other less odd things, including items belonging to author Jack Kerouac and black-and-white photos. One of the most expensive items in his collection? An old raincoat that once belonged to Kerouac and that Depp paid $15,000 for. The odd part of his collection, however, is the one comprising a large number of mounted bugs, a pigeon skeleton, stuffed bats and more.

5 Penelope Cruz -- Coat Hangers

When it comes to bizarre collections, Cruz' might just take the first place. The beautiful actress collects non-wire hangers. While little is known about her collection, reports says she owns at least 500. While the collection might seem odd, it's important to note that Penelope and her sister Monica design clothing together for Mango, a competitor of H&M, as well as for Agent Provocateur, a luxury underwear brand.

4 Angelina Jolie -- Antique Knives

It made sense that the woman who once wore her husband's (Billy Bob Thornton) blood around her neck also collects knives. Jolie's collection focuses on Renaissance and Medieval knives and daggers, but she also collects other types of antique knives and swords. While Jolie has said during interviews that she keeps her collection under lock and key and away from her children, she did buy older son Maddox his first antique knife when he turned seven. She did add that the kids only get knives under supervision to avoid injury. Maybe trying to pass on the collector's bug?

3 Whoopi Goldberg - Bakelite Jewelry

If you're too young to remember the bakelite craze, here's a quick reminder: in the 1970s, Bakelite (a type of plastic) became popular as a material to make toys, buttons, household items, and even jewelry. And it's that type of jewelry that Goldberg collects. She's been known to wear her Bakelite pieces to events and to The Today Show. She's even worn some of those pieces to the Academy Awards. Other Bakelite lovers include Barbra StreisandDiane Keaton and Lily Tomlin.

2 Rod Stewart - Model Trains

Via: www.salemnews.com

When it comes to model trains, Stewart might just be the ultimate collector. He's so passionate about them, in fact, that the third floor of his Beverly Hills home has been transformed into a massive 23 x 124-foot model recreation of 1940s Chicago -- complete with  train terminals, parks, warehouses and much more. Stewart has referred to his train collection as "very zen," and often retreats to play with them -- or even takes some on tour -- or builds some of the model elements himself. Oh, and Stewart is not alone. Phil Collins, Family Ties actor Michael Gross, Frank Sinatra, Patrick Stewart, and Neil Young all had or have a passion for model railroad trains as well.

1 Rosie O'Donnell - McDonald's Toys

Just because you're a rich celebrity doesn't mean you have to collect very expensive things -- and Rosie proved that when she started collecting McDonald's toys and eventually turned her entire office into a custom display. Rosie started her collection the old-fashioned way: by going to McDonald's and buying their meals so she could get the toys. At one point, she was visiting daily so she could collect the 101 tiny dalmatian dogs that make up the famous movie. Of course, McDonald's heard about it and decided to send her the entire collection. Her solution? Move on to other Micky D's toys. Rosie's collection includes over 2500 pieces and is always growing. When asked why she chose Happy Meal toys, the comedian said they are a simple reminder of her childhood.

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