Panic Room: 10 Advanced Home Security Systems For Billionaires

When it comes to the safety of billionaires and multimillionaires, the average home security system is not enough. With a high profile life and availability to large funds, it is no wonder why the super wealthy would invest in the best security systems in the world. Common threats that these billionaire’s prepare for can vary, from protestors, kidnappers, thieves to natural disasters. That is the very reason why their homes, private jets and even yachts must be fortified.

The cost of installation for these safety devices can reach much higher than $100,000. That amount is considered petty change when it comes to an item that can ensure safety. Some of these systems are even equipped with full life support systems capable of sustaining these people for generations.

Ranging from costly bunkers to secret passageways no price is too high for these rich tycoons. Take a look at the top 10 high technological security systems that have cost billionaires enough to sustain a common man’s living over their whole lifetime.

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10  10. Heliports

Many billionaires live in condominiums and thus should not be any surprise to find them responsible for the installation of a heliport on their roof tops. This is a project that can cost around $60,000 to $100,000 and is primarily for security purposes. Many will avoid using them on normal occasions just to maintain some level of secrecy. In the necessity of an escape, the heliport enables helicopters to whisk the tycoons away. Extensive attention is focused on the landing pads especially in areas subject to fires and earthquakes such as California. The natural, difficult to manage, disasters may render roads impassable thus leaving air flights as the only solution to help inhabitants escape. More to this, the landing pad can be equipped with a fire hydrant which hooks up with fire departments helicopters thus helping fight fires.

9 Bullet Resistant Doors

These are doors that can possibly cost around $400,000 a piece. The security they offer can in no way be underrated given the fact that the technology used is capable of shielding any kind of a bullet. These shields give individuals safety from hostile attacks, allowing them to seek refuge at the same time. The doors are usually fitted with electromagnetic locks barring intruder’s entry. This in itself is a high security measure as no one can get access to the house or any one particular room without proper authorization. This is a technology that has been used by most billionaires and has thus become commonplace.

8 Burglar Blasters

The $50,000 system can be easily be installed into ceilings and aids in stopping would-be crooks from executing their desired plans. The system is compatible with all other security machines such as smoke machines. The Bugler Blaster has the potential of releasing fog which is designed to cause confusion to the intruders. It can even produce noxious gases whose effects last up to 24 hours.

This system is very effective especially when the intruders are in huge numbers as they can easily be conquered without having to risk anyone’s life. Though also gaining popularity; it is yet to be a common security strategy but with the repeated researches it has proved to be very effective.

7 Bunkers 

The geothermal powered systems have the potential hosting families with adequate provision of goods and services without a change of the lifestyle. This is what makes it gain much popularity among the billionaires. With facilities such as amphitheaters, health spas, restaurants and such, the $1,550,000 bunker fits any wealthy family.

Much attention is emphasized on not just provision of security but a smooth running of the residents lives. Commonly used in cases of natural disasters, it can host the family for a long time until the disaster is over. This is not to forget that it is fitted with ammunition which would be used for self defense.

6  6. Secret Passageways

The Creative Home Engineering company, based in Gilbert, Arizona has developed the best technology of secret passageways. The entrance is hidden in custom made book cases making it safe for homeowners, companies and even international organizations. This is a technology that has been used for over 30 years and has proven to be a great success. With the entry limited to few individuals, the security can almost be 100% certain. This works concurrently with infrared cameras which read the thermal heat from anything that is in a radius of 15km. this is a system that has been installed by AI V.

5 Safe Core

This comes to replace or enhance the panic rooms that exist in many high end homes. With improved technology, the $150,000 systems are fitted with bullet and bomb proof walls, doors and the entire home area. No longer limited to a single room, these systems protect the entire home. The safe core can comfortably maintain a family for over a week, as they wait for the threat to be over. The security signs may not be visible, but you can always be sure that this is a fortress on its own.

4  4. NCB Shelter 

This is a high end twist on the age old bomb shelter, providing protection against chemical attacks. What makes the system even more desirable is that it has everything these ultra-wealthy families need. This includes supply of food, air and water which can last for over three months, giving you an idea of just how useful this would be in the event of prolonged attacks or natural disasters. Just in case one needs to venture outside, there will always be gas masks thus ensuring safety.

3  3. Short Gun 

Among the worlds’ most dangerous defence weapon ranks the short gun. The $100,000 shell weapon may not have the appearance of any dangerous weapon, but it’s very deadly while in use. They can be hidden behind ceilings and walls in such a way that they blend with the architecture. It has the capacity of shooting 15 short gun shells at any one time when activated, perfect if needed for self defence. The weapon has recently been remotely deployed as it requires a series of authentications before it can fire. This, however, does not make it any weaker in its performance.

2 Panic Room - Superyacht 

Pirates and rebel groups have the keen interest in yachts and their ultra wealthy owners. Being the major targets, the yacht owners opt to turn their expensive toys’ into the most secure fortresses. The idea employed is similar to that used in homes, although being at sea requires much more precaution when defending from an attack.


The yacht may be fitted with a master suite of the super-yacht, better known as a harbour island, which will in most cases double as the ships’ panic room. It is usually fitted with ballistic glass that gives protection against bullets and has provisions that can last for three days and over. More to this, they are also equipped with communicating gadgets that link with law enforcers and at the same time maintain command and control of the yacht.

1 Anti-Missile Device - Private Jet

Exclusivity will always have a relationship with the wealthy. In most cases, these tycoons would prefer to travel in a more exclusive manner. This is why chartering or owning private jets is commonplace among that level of wealth. Though a security team works around the clock to provide and maintain security when the aircraft is on the ground. This is extremely difficult when airborne, thus the need to install the $1 million anti missile device is evident.

This device uses the best technology, protecting the aircraft from attacks with the most effective method being jamming of infrared tracking systems. This is a system that is not only used in movies, it is used by most governments and the renowned billionaires.

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