9 Celebrities That Don't Know How To Drive

Learning to drive a car is a fundamental step in life when you are an American teenager living in today's entitled society. Being able to drive a car gives a young person the freedom to go and explore the world as they please. However, not everyone sees driving as a move towards freedom. Many people see driving as a daunting task, especially if you live in congested cities such as Los Angeles, New York City or London. If you are a celebrity, driving can be a great experience since you get to ride around in top of the line vehicles. However, there are some celebrities that refuse to drive. They are able to do this since they have the means to pay for personal drivers or chauffeurs to take them around town. Here is a list of nine celebrities who either don't know how to drive or have decided that they would rather not get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

9 Robert Pattinson

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Twilight heartthrob, Robert Pattinson is twenty-eight years old and professes to be a horrible driver. He has explained that he grew up in London, where his father was a car dealer so he got to use the line "I don't drive, I get driven" a lot. Although when Pattinson moved to the states he decided that he had to learn how drive in order to get around in Los Angeles. He took one driving lesson in Oregon and then he bought his first car in LA where he has admitted that he learned how to drive by people honking at him all day long. He has explained it to be quite a terrifying experience and that he isn't that good at it.

8 Barbara Walters

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Legendary broadcast journalist, Barbara Walters is capable of many, many things, but driving is not one of them. The eighty-four year old, who created and co-hosted The View, has left tidbits here and there in interviews stating that she does not drive. In 2012, Walters had explained that she posed as the cover girl for Sport Car & Hot Rod magazine when she was twenty years old. The ironic thing was that she couldn't drive then and still doesn't to this day. Her co-host at the time, Joy Behar, asked Walters if she had a license and Walters responded with no, she has an ID card instead of a driver's license. Also, in an interview with Vogue, this past May, Walters was asked why it was that she does not drive and Walters responded with "Don't try to analyze me; it's just how it is."

7 Lena Dunham

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Twenty-eight year old, Girls star, Lena Dunham, has admitted that she is terrified of driving and she cringes at the thought of possibly hurting someone while behind the wheel. The actress has also been outspoken on the fact that she does not know how to drive at all and when it came time for her to take her driver's test she failed it. Dunham has been quoted as stating in an interview, "I don't drive. It's not going to happen. Some people are not meant to be mothers, and some people are not meant to drive."

6 Barbra Streisand

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Academy Award winner, Barbra Streisand has banned herself from getting behind the wheel. The actress/singer did an interview with a reporter from Time magazine back in 2012, where he went and picked Streisand up from her Malibu home, probably due to her not wanting to drive. It was during the interview that the reporter offered to let Streisand drive since she had a bit of a backseat driver side to her. Streisand refused the offer, stating that she hasn't driven a car since the 90's. She made the decision after she found herself driving up the off ramp of a freeway. It scared her to death and she has since vowed to never jeopardize herself or anyone's life by getting behind the wheel.

5 Robbie Williams

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English singer-songwriter, Robbie Williams is forty years old and has never had a driver's license. Williams has explained in interviews that when you live in London there is so much traffic that everyone just gets cabs to go places. This did not help matters when Williams moved to Los Angeles as he now does not have a driver's license in a place where it is a necessity. Despite, lacking the ability to legally drive, Williams is a car enthusiast. He attributes his love for cars and racing from growing up in England and watching Formula 1. Williams even has a beautiful Jaguar parked in front of his house even though he can never drive it.

4 Russell Brand

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English comedian, Russell Brand only recently conquered the task of learning to drive. In late 2010, the then thirty-six year old Brand was spotted receiving behind the wheel training from a driver's education instructor about a month after he married pop star, Katy Perry. Sources had stated that Brand was looking to gain more independence on being able to drive himself around town rather than having to rely on his wife. Although since then, Brand has not had the best of luck driving around Los Angeles. In 2012, two months in a row, Brand was pulled over by LAPD and cited for speeding and later that same month, Brand was spotted driving on the wrong side of the road. The comedian finally noticed he was going the wrong way in which he decided to drive over a center divider, which resulted in a flat tire on Brand's Range Rover. To make matters worse, Brand was sued in 2013 by a pedestrian that claims Brand ran him over with his vehicle. The pedestrian is asking for $185,000 in damages.

3 Daniel Radcliffe

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Twenty-four year old Daniel Radcliffe, who is best known as Harry Potter, didn't get his driver's license at the age of sixteen as most teenagers do. Radcliffe waited until he was twenty years old to begin to take driving lessons. In 2009, the young actor was spotted driving on the open streets of Poole, where he stated he was brushing up on his driving skills and preferred to do this in Poole rather than in London, due to the congestion of the capital. In 2012, it was reported that Radcliffe still hadn't obtained his driver's license, but it was the one thing at the top of the actor's to do list since he understands that he will be asked to drive in a film at some point in his career. Radcliffe is quoted as stating "I can't do period films for the rest of my life and just be in horse and carts the whole time."

2 Ricky Gervais

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Outspoken, English comedian, Ricky Gervias is fifty-two years old and does not have an ounce of desire in him to learn how to drive a car. Gervais' girlfriend of twenty-nine years, Jane Fallon, has stated in an interview that the couple will never see themselves permanently living in Los Angeles since they both do not drive and it is almost impossible to get anything accomplished in LA if you don't drive. According to People magazine, Gervais has also made comments on the fact the he does not drive, stating "I don't drive so I don't own a flashy car." Despite his refusal to drive, it is a bit ironic that Gervais is now the face of Audi, staring in their commercials to push their new A3 sedan.

1 Tina Fey

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Actress and comedian Tina Fey is forty-four years old and claims that she has forgotten how to drive a car. The actress did have her license when she lived in Pennsylvania, but when she moved to New York in the late 90s it was about to expire and the state wanted her to attend driving school in order to get a new one, so she decided to pass on renewing it. Fey has even stated that she almost ran herself over during a commercial shoot when she went to get out of the car, but forgot to put it in park. Luckily, the actress lives in New York where cars are not a necessity. Fey has made it known though that when it comes to licenses she wishes that they were required in order to use Twitter. She would like each person to give her ten examples of what they would like to talk about and she will be the one to decide if that is something everyone needs to know.

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