8 Of Hollywood's Worst Celebrity Neighbors

We've all had bad neighbors, even neighbors from hell. But, nothing is quite as bad as an out of control celebrity neighbor. If you don’t live in Hollywood, you might not realize that while houses are large, especially celebrity homes, the land that these houses sit on doesn't quite have the acreage that one would expect it to have. Neighbors see and interact with each other all the time. With that being said, here are 8 of the worst celebrity neighbors in Hollywood. These bad celebrity neighbors should seriously know better, because one wrong move, and the entire world will find out about their "sex-capades" or loud parties. If any of these celebs move next door to you, you should probably put your home on the market, immediately.

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8 Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is seemingly the worst at everything, so anyone can probably assume that he is a pretty bad neighbor, and they'd be right. There is a laundry list of ways Bieber has made enemies with his neighbors, both past and present. Bieber currently lives in a condo in Beverly Hills, but probably not for long because the cops were called for noise complaints twice just this week on October 14th. On a different weekend, it was reported that his neighbors were so incredibly fed up with his partying, they called the police 6 times on the pop singer.

Before Beverly Hills, Bieber lived in Calabasas, in a gated community called The Oaks. He moved after being charged with a misdemeanor for threatening a neighbor, egging the neighbor's house and driving recklessly throughout the development. Bottom line, hope you never have to live near "The Biebs".

7 Honey Boo Boo & Family


Neighbors say "boo" to Honey Boo Boo. The show shoots in the very tiny town of McIntyre, Georgia, with 40% of the population of 650, living below the poverty level. Honey Boo Boo aka Alana Thompson, Mamma June and the rest of the family, aren't exactly doing their best to class up the joint from their TLC reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. First of all, neighbors aren't exactly thrilled about cameras filming next door. Furthermore, the entire town has complained that TLC only shoots the less than stellar parts of the town, such as the junked cars, stray animals and garbage dumps. Plus, you can probably smell the entire Thompson family from miles away.

6 The Kardashians


The Kardashians have lived in a lot of different places, which means they've angered a lot of neighbors. First off all, the cameras from all their shows and the paparazzi surrounding the family all times, doesn't exactly fair well for neighborly fun. For example, this summer, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian had huge issues with their neighbors in the Hamptons, when they filmed Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons. No one wanted them there in the first place, so it was very difficult to even find someone willing to rent a house to them, but when they arrived, as neighbors had anticipated, it was chaotic. A source told Perez Hilton the following:

This is upsetting to people who didn't want them there in the beginning anyway. Originally nobody was renting to them. Now they’re living in a house in North Sea and it is not at all prestigious. Nobody goes up that way. That rental house is ticking people off. That’s the road to Sag Harbor and it used to be a short cut. Now it’s going to be a traffic mess. Everybody is worried about all the paparazzi who are going to come follow these people and they don’t want them here… All they’re doing is shopping, taking selfies and signing autographs. It’s so undignified. It isn't what people in the Hamptons usually do but that’s all the Kardashian do.

5 Chris Brown


Not surprisingly, Chris Brown is not exactly the boy you would want next door. Just one month after he moved into a $1.6 million condo in West Hollywood, his neighbors were ready to sell and move out themselves. A witness said this to Radar Online:

He has his posse traipsing around until the late hours of the night, he’s loud and totally disrespectful of his neighbors.

Then, Chris moved North to the San Fernando Valley a few short years later, to Agoura Hills, which borders Malibu. The 6 bedroom house has a commercial ice cream bar, tennis court, club house billiard room and dance studio. It has been reported, however, that his neighbors aren't the slightest bit impressed. We can only assume that the neighbor is probably more of a Rihanna fan.

4 Katy Perry


Katy Perry is everyone’s favorite California Girl, or not… While Perry and her former husband, Russell Brand divorced allegedly in part due to Brand’s very high sex drive (among other things), it might actually be quite the opposite, because neighbors have complained that Perry and her boy "du jour", John Mayer get it on all the time and they do it quite loudly. One neighbor complained to Star Magazine, saying the following:

They have very loud sex, keep very late hours and like to turn up the tunes.

We can’t verify if this is true, but are pretty sure that Katy Perry’s body is in fact, a wonderland. And for Katy, Mayer’s probably is too.

3 James Franco


It seems as though James Franco’s neighbors wish they could throw him out, just like the trash he apparently leaves out on his lawn (and ends up blowing over to their yards). While most of the world loves Franco, his neighbors, quite frankly, are sick of him. Franco’s neighbors, in the hipster enclave of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, allege he is illegally running a production company out of his house, which isn't zoned commercially (there is very little office space in Silver Lake), causing traffic jams and taking up valuable street parking space. They've even complained to the city housing authority. At least he doesn't throw crazy parties like his character in, This Is The End.

2 Madonna


We all know Madonna loves music, and apparently no one knows this more than her neighbors. According to her brother, Christopher Ciccone, "Madonna likes to feel the music," so when he designed her 6,000 square ft Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan, which was featured in a 1991 issue of Architectural Digest, he sound-proofed the walls of her private gym, so the neighbors couldn't hear the sound system. But unfortunately, the building too "felt the music" and in 2009, her upstairs neighbor sued her, claiming the sound apparently shook the walls for up to as much as three hours a day. The building’s board tried to evict her and in 2011, she moved out. But don't worry, Madonna certainly didn't downgrade, she moved across town to a $40 million, 13-bedroom, 13-bathroom townhouse on the Upper East Side. No word yet on how those neighbors feel about her.

1 Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly

As most of us know, Katherine Heigl doesn't always have the best reputation. In 2010, Heigl’s neighbor caused a bit of trouble for her. Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelley, decided to get hot and steamy in their hot tub while listening to some tunes, when her neighbor apparently started screaming and swearing at them over the fence. Heigl got a little scared, so she had her security guard call the police. The police visited both Heigl and the neighbor to find out what was really going on. Heigl infamously answered the door in a hot bikini. She later went on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about the incident, saying:

 It was totally PG. We’re not idiots. I’m not going to do anything crazy in the hot tub … We were just talking and hanging out and just enjoying each other.

The Heigl-Kelly clan has since moved.

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