8 Miracle Birth Stories

A Miracle- a wonderful, extraordinary event that towers above any possible natural human power.

Miracles generates any and every type of emotion we are capable of producing. Having a baby is one of the most miraculous moments in any parent’s life. However, one of life’s most joyous moments can quickly turn to agony for some families. With positive thoughts, never giving up, and true miracles, those families have been able to survive their horrendous experiences, and come out feeling absolutely phenomenal!

If you don’t believe in miracles now, you most likely will after reading the following stories. Below you will find a list of 8 miracle birth stories.

8 8- Beat The Odds… Three Times! Rugby, Warwickshire

Baby Charlie Collins has beat all odds… three times. Parents Lucy and Paul Collins, from Rugby, Warwickshire, found themselves having to undergo an emergency C-section 9 weeks from her due date back in May of 2012. When baby Charlie was born he had to be resuscitated, and mom Lucy states that he was completely blue and had to be put on a ventilator. Then when Charlie was three weeks old he suffered a heart attack, and after being on a ventilator for 28 days, his lungs began to bleed. Despite these horrific setbacks Charlie fought on.

During the first few weeks of Charlie’s life, his parents heard the words “he would not survive” a total of three times. Incredibly, he pulled through each ordeal, and proved he is a brave and strong baby. Charlie still needs medication and oxygen on a regular basis, but he is a very happy little boy.

7 7- Britain’s Smallest Baby- Birmingham, England

In 2003, Aaliyah Hart was born three months early weighing only 12 ounces and measuring just seven inches long. Doctors gave Aaliyah a one per cent chance of survival especially after they found her lungs had not developed properly after she was born. Approximately 5 months into the pregnancy, doctors advised Aaliyah’s parents Lorraine and Ricardo to get an abortion. However, they decided to fight against the doctors predictions that Aaliyah would not survive beyond birth.

Aaliyah Hart now

Once born, Aaliyah remained on life support for two days, but remarkably she began to improve and move around. After spending 4 months in the hospital, Aaliyah was able to go home. She is now healthy and close to size of all of her classmates, she will be celebrating her 11th birthday this summer.

6 6- Frozen Baby- Reading, Berkshire

After waiting 72 hours, the Cooke family was finally able to hold their baby boy. Baby Freddy Cooke was born at home and went a total of 20 minutes without breathing. Freddy had to be cooled to 33 C and induced into a state of hypothermia as a result of not breathing.

Freddy’s mom Nicky was five days overdue when she went into labor. She called her midwife who came over to check her and told her she was in the early stages of labor. As a result, the midwife left saying she would be back in a few hours. However, shortly after the midwife left, Nicky felt the sudden urge to push. The midwives arrived and immediately had Nicky’s husband call for medical assistance. It turns out, Freddy’s shoulders were stuck in Nicky’s upper pelvic area and his umbilical cord had snapped inside.

With no other options, the midwives performed a difficult maneuver to free baby Freddy, but he was not breathing. Once they arrived at the hospital, doctors warned Freddy’s parents to prepare for the worst. The doctors also explained that Freddy needed to be transferred to the JR Oxford for the new cooling technique that could reduce brain damage and give him a better chance at survival. Basically, it meant cooling his brain. He had to remain in an incubator for 72 hours with a cold water blanket. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Freddy’s parents were able to hold him. Now Freddy is healthy and shows no signs of brain damage.

5 5- Sisterly Love- Kannapolis, North Carolina

Talitha McGuiness of Kannapolis, North Carolina received the amazing news that she was carrying identical twin girls. Then six weeks later during an ultrasound her happiness quickly turned to sadness as doctors told her there was a terrible problem. Actually, doctors told Talitha that both babies would die if she let nature take its course.

To begin, the babies were incredibly different in size. Also, the smaller twin had so little fluid that it looked as though she had been shrink-wrapped against the uterine wall. Doctors told Talitha that the abnormalities were caused by a rare disorder called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). Talitha was given the options to abort both babies, sacrifice the smaller twin, or chose a laser surgery (that could result in miscarriage and deaths of both babies) to attempt to correct the faulty blood vessels. She chose the latter, which was performed in Tampa, Florida.

At 19 weeks pregnant, Talitha had the procedure done, and she finally heard some good news… “Baby A is fine, Baby B is fine too!” After the procedure, Talitha was placed on strict bed rest and made it all the way to 36 weeks. The girls were delivered with no complications and are doing just fine today.

4 4- Baby Born With Organs On The Outside- Lynn, Norfolk

Baby Piper Smith, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, was born with three organs outside of her body. Her mom, Amanda explained that her baby girl has beat the odds to survive after two rare defects left Piper’s bladder, liver, and intestines on the outside of her abdomen. The defect known as exomphalos, affects one in every 2,500 babies.

Piper is awaiting a long surgery to put the organs back into her body, and have muscles stretched to help keep them in place. Until she is able to have the surgery, Piper’s family must wrap her bladder in “cling film” five times a day. Given a one in four chance of survival, Piper is proving she is one strong little girl.

3 3- Baby Comes Back To Life- Sydney, Australia

An Australian mom gave birth to twins Jamie and Emily, born at just 27 weeks old. Emily had been delivered successfully, however after 20 minutes of trying to get Emily’s twin brother to breathe, the doctors declared baby boy Jamie dead.

After being given the most horrific news any mother could hear, mom, Kate Ogg, was given Jamie to say goodbye. After two hours of hugging, touching, and speaking to her son, Kate unwrapped Jamie from his blanket and held him against her skin. Then a phenomenal thing happened… Jamie began to gasp for air. Initially the doctors said it was probably just a reflex, but then she gave him a little bit of her breast milk with her finger. Baby Jamie began breathing normally. Kate advised in an interview that a little while later he “opened his eyes. It was a miracle. Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger.” She also said the doctor kept “shaking his head and saying, ‘I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!’” Jamie is now fully recovered, and is incredibly lucky to have an amazing mom who didn’t give up.

2 2- World’s Tiniest Baby- Miami, Florida

Baby Amillia, which means fighter in Latin, was born at just 21 weeks 6 days gestation. That’s two weeks before the existing legal abortion cut-off. Baby Amillia is the world’s youngest premature baby to survive. When Amillia was born she weighed 10 ounces and was just 9 ½ inches long. Parents Eddie and Sonja Taylor struggled to get pregnant on their own. As a result they went through IVF, and in 2006 they got pregnant with Amillia.

From the start, Sonja’s pregnancy was filled with problems, the largest being a blood clot beside the baby in the womb. At just 19 weeks Sonja went to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. It turns out that she was fully dilated. She had to lay in bed tipped at an angle to keep the baby in as long as possible.  Then at 21 weeks 6 days doctors checked Sonja, and what they found was shocking… Baby Amillia’s feet were sticking out of the birth canal. Sonja was immediately taken into surgery to have a C-section. Miraculously, when Amillia was born she opened her mouth and attempted to cry. She was placed in the incubator with bubble wrap to keep warm, and suffered a few setbacks. Then, on February 21, 2007, 11 days before her actual due date, Amillia was able to go home.

1 1- Baby Alive After Being Sent To Morgue- Quibdo, Colombia

Mom Jenny Hurtado of Quibdo, Colombia gave birth to a baby girl at just 27 weeks. Once she was born the medics on scene pronounced the baby dead. 12 hours later, her parents insisted on seeing her body to say goodbye. Phenomenally, when a sealed coffin containing the remains of the baby was given to the father, he heard her cry.

The baby girl, named Milagros, which means Miracle, was rushed to a hospital in Bogota and was placed in the intensive care unit. The doctor told the mom that sometimes heart movements are not detectable even though the baby is still alive, which is what lead the medics to declare her dead. Once baby Milagros was wrapped in a sheet and got warm, she came back to life.

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