8 Celebs With Work Rituals That Drive Everyone On Set Crazy

Believe it or not, I love working with the television on. It doesn’t so much matter what is on, nor if the sound is loud or not, what matters is that it be on when I write. Some people, including my husband, find it an odd work ritual to have and every single time I get a critique on it, I wish to exclaim; “Hey! There’s worse one’s out there.”

When it comes to actors especially, since they play so many different on-screen characters, some work rituals range from comic to mildly amusing, to slightly annoying or absolutely intolerable. Here are 8 celebrities with work rituals that drive their co-workers or co-actors, completely nuts.

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8 Emmy Rossum


7 Nicolas Cage


It is a well-known fact that when actor, Nicolas Cage turns up on the sets of any film, it can go one of two ways. One is where you meet a sullen and lazy actor who mumbles through his lines and is a general bore who should ideally be offering apologies; and the other is where he turns up with intense energy and magnetism that should definitely rub off on the character. The oddest work ritual that Nicolas seems to have (and which obviously puts off a lot of people) is that he does some lunatic line readings. For example, when Nicolas tried his lines in some weird nasally voice (that he’d picked up from Gumby’s sidekick, Pokey) for the 1986 film, Peggy Sue Got Married co-actors and studio execs were reportedly infuriated. It seems one essentially can’t predict what will happen in a Nicolas Cage film shoot, but one thing’s for sure, it will rarely be boring!

6 Christian Bale


5 Jennifer Lopez


Admittedly, Jennifer Lopez’s work rituals have only turned pointedly bizarre since her split with husband of many years, Marc Anthony. And hence, one could actually understand where her eccentricities could have originated from, but as of now, her work rituals have really put a serious kink in the process of smooth film-making. Apparently, Jennifer now refuses to speak to anyone (other than her PA) on the sets of the movies she is shooting for. She has turned downright anti-social and apparently, if you wanted to get a message across to her, the message could only be routed via her “personal handler”. We’d love to romanticize this behavior and offer by way of explanation that such anti-social behavior can only aid better concentration, but unfortunately, it is something quite more ordinary. It’s just that the post-split paparazzi attention has put her off people, only temporarily, we hope.

4 Mike Myers


If you thought that Mike Myers' funny, friendly onscreen persona was a reality off-screen too, you’d be totally dumbfounded by the number of negative opinions his co-stars and other industry people hold about him. When shooting for any movie (other than Austin Powers, where some people were attracted to his genius), Mike has a number of eccentricities that put people off, least of which stem from him being a control freak. Apparently, when Mike gets into any particular character, even little things set him off. To elaborate better, on the sets of Austin Powers, one poor guy got himself fired because he simply looked directly in the actor’s eye while he was practicing his character. Man! That’s probably the worst of them work rituals, no? Everyone beware, when this man’s in character, do. Not. Look. Him. In. The. Eye! Did we make ourselves clear?

3 Jennifer Aniston


2 Robert Pattinson


Well, to be precise, this is indeed not so much of a work ritual, but more of a daily ritual, that drives everyone on Robert Pattinson’s sets crazy. While initial reactions to his laxness to personal hygiene were limited to snide comments about his BO, people who are now shooting with him are slowly going from ‘I have no choice but to make myself anosmic around him’ to ‘F***, get yourself to a shower mate’. Robert Pattinson it seems never showers before any of his shoots and when he reeks on sets, he literally drives everyone mad. I mean guys, please spare a thought for his leading ladies!

1 Shailene Woodley


We all love Shailene, but if we are honest, this little starlet is definitely a little odd (euphemism) in her ways and opinions. Shailene obviously has several opinions and rituals that are truly crazy to work around, especially on sets while filming together, but one’s so interesting that it truly tops! On sets, if Shailene wants water, we dare anyone to serve it to her in a plastic cup or container. Go on, we dare you! Since Shailene believes that ingesting anything stored in plastic is bad for her, she carries her own mason jar to drink from, wherever she goes. So, if she were to ask for water on sets, you’d obviously have to find the jar and fill it for her! Co-star Miles Teller once joked that her jar smelt like crap, usually seaweed or something weirder!

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