8 Celebrities Who Tackled Their Weight Head On

Aaah celebrities! They are rich, they are famous and they have fab bodies; three things most of us beg, pray and work for. Yet, with great fame comes great responsibility. After all, what’s a celebrity if not perfectly attired, aesthetically figured and beautifully made up. Most of us fail to realize that behind all the perfection and the spotlight, there is a whole lot of hard work and some unswerving dedication. Be it premature ageing or cellulite, a few extra pounds or bad hair days, celebrities too face the realities of life.

Whether it is for specific film roles or for the simple reason of staying fit, many celebrities have been to the other end of the weight spectrum and yet, managed to pull themselves back. It is definitely a Herculean effort but many celebs have successfully managed to get rid of some extra pounds through difficult workouts and strict diet control. Here are some such hard earned successes.


8 Renée Zellweger’s Size 14 To Size 4

Renée Zellweger is a highly discussed celebrity when it comes to weight fluctuations. The lady put on several pounds and ballooned from a lean size 4 to a curvaceous size 14 for her classic portrayal as Bridget Jones. Not only did she achieve the astonishingly fast weight gain in a matter of months, with a hyper-caloric diet, she lost it all just as fast with exercises and yoga later. After the first of her Bridget Jones movies, Renée lost over 18 pounds and went back to her size 4. Renée combines the Atkin’s diet with the small portions diet to achieve her weight loss. One definitely has got to give it to Renée for dedication.

7 Jason Segel’s 35 Pounds For A Movie


Funny man Jason Segel of the hit series, How I met your mother made a reluctant transformation into a 35 pounds lighter actor for his latest movie, The Five-Year Engagement. Segel admits that the weight loss was a completely forced one and he even had a trainer fix up an exercise schedule for him. Both his diet, as well as exercise, were strictly monitored. Though Jason likes to joke about his experiences during the weight loss, it seems the actor has made peace with his 35 pounds sacrifice and has come to love his new shape and size. He sure looks fitter and much more in shape now.

6 50 Cent’s 50 Pounds

This is one weight loss story that is not necessarily pretty. Though the 6-foot rapper has lost a phenomenal 54 pounds, we wonder if the change is really a great one. We all loved 50 Cent in his former beefy avatar but while the weight loss is truly an incredible feat, his post weight loss photos are not all that flattering. The 50 pounds lighter rapper looks sickly and positively malnourished. No matter, one still must give credit where it is due and losing 54 pounds is certainly credit-worthy. This fantastic weight loss feat has been achieved through a liquid diet and the rapper credits his treadmill runs for the calorie burn. Formerly weighing 214 pounds, the rapper is now down to 160 pounds.

5 Oprah Winfrey's 67 Pounds Slide


In the early 2000s, Oprah Winfrey woke up to the fact that she really needed to tackle her weight problem a little more heads on. She trimmed herself down by 67 pounds to a healthy weight of 160. Oprah had a weight problem that can be attributed to thyroid hormone imbalances and she claims to have developed a “fear of working out” as she kept on gaining weight. Oprah lost her 67 pounds by following a liquid protein diet and getting a trainer to help with her workouts. Though she had gained most of the weight back by 2008, she claims to have abandoned the aim of trying to get thin and substituted it with the aim of trying to stay fit and strong, by eating healthy.

4 Kelly Osbourne’s New Size 2

Kelly went serious about her weight loss in 2009. Ever since then, her weight loss achievements have been a result of certain bizarre and unconventional methods. Kelly dropped a phenomenal 70 pounds, using wacky sounding diets such as the Reverse Diet and the mushroom diet. She also tried some calorie burning hula-hoop parties. We are not certain if her weight loss methods are for everyone, but one thing is for sure, they definitely worked on Kelly.

3 Jennifer Hudson’s 10 Dress Sizes


Singer Jennifer Hudson still can’t believe that she has slimmed down over 10 sizes. Going from a size 16 and slimming into a fit size 6. She has now been at a healthy size 4 for over 2 years. Though Jennifer had been over-weight almost all of her life, she decided to lose weight after the birth of her son David. The decision really changed her life. Jennifer shed 80 pounds in just about 9 months and she achieved this astonishing feat by eating regular meals in small portions, and working out 6 days a week. The best and most unbelievable part of her phenomenal weight loss is that she did not give up on the things she loves. Jennifer claims she still has chocolate almost every day!

2 Crystal Renn’s Plus Size To Size Double Zero!

Crystal Renn's Weight Loss

Model Crystal Renn has had several weight fluctuation stories over the years, but unlike normal weight loss or weight gain stories, hers have been somewhat extreme. Former plus- size model Crystal, went from a curvaceous size 14, to a straight double zero. She undoubtedly stunned the whole world with her new unrecognizable body frame. In order to fit into the mainframe modeling industry, Crystal developed the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, in the process. Craving success as a standard model, at one point, the 5-foot-9-inch Crystal completely gave up eating and weighed just 45 kilos. Though her weight loss has been an extraordinarily dramatic one, the underlying factors that resulted in it have drawn some flack from her fans. Crystal has chronicled her journey from plus size, to size double zero and to her currently healthy size 6, in her 2009 book Hungry.


1 Ricki Lake’s Massive 140 Pounds!

Ricki Lake's Weight Loss

Actress and television host, Ricki Lake lost her massive 140 pounds in a healthy way, over a span of 3 years. Yes, the work was long and hard but at a current healthy size 6, the star looks ultra chic, glam and totally worth the effort. Ricki started her weight loss journey in an extreme manner, where she literally starved herself, but later transitioned into a healthier mantra of limiting her calorie intake and sticking to fresh foods. Ricki’s responsible weight loss can be attributed to her dieting plan, which aims at improving her metabolic rate. Ricki still continues to stick to having no more than 1400 calories per day and having a well-balanced mix of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats in all of her meals.

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