8 Celebrities Who Are Mystically Inclined

When hearing the word “astrology” most people think it is a belief, similar to a religion, but it is not. It is the way the stars line up in the sky, the position of the planets or where the moon is lined up during a certain part of the year. Many people believe that the alignment of the stars, moon and planets affect the way they think or act, and those people could possibly be right.

Carl Jung was a scientist involved in the works of psychiatry who believed strongly in the fact that people are influenced by spirituality and astrology. When Carl was a young child, he had sustained a head injury, and did not appear to be getting better. After using his mind to “tell himself” that he was better, and to think positive thoughts, Carl started seeing more positive results, believing that his thoughts were causing his injuries to heal on their own. He came up with the idea of synchronicity, which is when something happens and there is a reason behind it, without any known proof.  A lot of people believe that synchronizations, astrology, numerology or even gemstones can be used to help them out in their daily life. Celebrities are no exception.

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8 Khloe Kardashian, Television Personality

Khloe Kardashian is a twenty-nine year old, known mostly for her role on the television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and then later on to other spin-offs of that show, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami and Khloe & LamarKhloe has since joined with two of her sisters by creating her own fashion line, some jewelry that she added her name to and even took part in selling perfume.

Currently, Khloe has her own website where she describes her beliefs in astrology. In her website, Khloe states that “I’m a Christian so I don’t live by my zodiac signs, but I find astrology fascinating. I love to read that stuff and take bits and pieces from it–sometimes it seems so true!” She even has a poll at the bottom of the first page of her site, asking fans if they believe in astrology.

7 Ronald Reagan, Former President of the United States

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In 1988, the New York Times revealed that Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy were intensely involved in astrology. They had strongly believed that anything that was happening in the stars had an immense effect on the world that we live in. The former president had stated that his policies were not “influenced” by astrology, and had even written memoirs about what decisions he had made that were. On Nightline, Ted Koppel had mentioned that an astrologer had “predicted” that something bad was going to happen on the day that the former president had gotten shot (the assassination attempt in 1981), but would not reveal who that person was. According to the previous spokesperson for President Reagan, the former president and his wife simply used astrology for fun and the way they used it was never meant to be taken seriously.

6 Madonna, Singer, Entertainer

5 Stevie Nicks, Singer

During the 1970s, Stevie Nicks was well known for her vocal prowess as one of the lead singers for Fleetwood Mac. In the early 80s, Stevie went onto a solo career and rumors started flying about her belief system and witchcraft. She had admitted to believing in magic, and has even stated that she “lived in a world of magic,” and even believed that she was a witch. In several of her interviews from the 1980s and 90s, Stevie mentioned how much of her belief in other worldly beings or spirits have guided her along the way, and has also a deep belief in God and angels. She says that she has lived many past lives, but does not dwell on them, or even remotely speaks of them because they are not meant to be harnessed.

4 Robert Downey, Jr. – Actor

Steven Forrest wrote a book back in 1984, called The Inner Sky, which was about astrology and the predictions it can create. Since then, he has written several other books, including The Inner Sky, which is based off of the original book (The Inner Sky), but with more updated information.

3 Helena Bonham Carter, Actress

2 Kelsey Grammer, Actor

1 Shirley MacLaine, Actress

Shirley MacLaine is a well-known actress who was born in 1934 and has a famous brother as well, Warren Beaty. Her last name is also Beaty, but ended up changing it (removing “Beaty” from Shirley MacLaine Beaty) because one of her producers kept mispronouncing her name. Shirley has been in several movies and has also won many awards throughout the years. She has her own website that is dedicated to the surreal and astrology, in which she strongly believes. In her website, Shirley talks about spirituality, angels and meditation. She has a radio show, called Independent Expression, where every Sunday she interviews a different person and talks about everything from ghosts to UFO’s.

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