7 Celebrities You Didn't Know Endorse Third-Party Candidates

Third-party candidates that are running for political office have been around since the start of America, yet when voting for president, the media leads us to believe there are only two choices. There are so many political parties, it is difficult to understand the fact that most people only vote Democrat or Republican. When voting for anyone other than “blue” or “red,” the majority of people think that they are just “throwing our votes away.” Some celebrities do not trust in that statement, as they are endorsing what is called “third-party” candidates. Many Americans have heard about the Independent Party; in which Ross Perot ran under the presidential ticket in 1992. He was in the debates that were televised throughout the country, and was reportedly made famous by creating infomercials, thereby getting his face noticed by people all throughout the United States. With many celebrities endorsing these candidates, one might think there would be more voters for third-party politicians when it comes to the office of the presidency.

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7 Susan Sarandon Has Supported the Green Party

Although Susan Sarandon has supported many politicians in the Democratic Party, she is also a supporter of the Green Party. Susan has been arrested for demonstrations being held, regarding her stance on police brutality, and is not one to “sit back” and watch while there is something that needs to be recognized. She is a hard-core liberal, but has confidence in most of what the Green Party represents. In 2000, she backed presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who is a member of the Green Party.

The Green Party is similar to the Democratic Party, but with a few differences. The Green Party trusts heavily in solar power and is dedicated to learning more about climate change. The Greens also have a strong backing in the United States, and are a globally-recognized political group.

6 Drew Carey Supports the Libertarian Party

Drew Carey is known as the all-American guy from Cleveland, Ohio, who currently hosts The Price Is Right. Drew started out his career by doing stand-up comedy, and eventually got his own television show back in the 90s called The Drew Carey Show, which showed just how down-to-Earth he really is. He believes in the “little guy,” and thinks that government should have little-to-nothing concerning most of the ways that Americans decide to live their life. This includes free trade, changing the current drug laws and the eradication of censorship.

Drew is a major supporter for the Libertarian Party, which is a political group who thinks that the government should not be involved in all aspects of every American’s affairs. They think that it is a person’s right to have healthcare, but should not be forced if one cannot afford it. They also think that a lot of government issues should be handled by the states, and not the government. Drew had made a statement in Time magazine in August, 2007 regarding the matter. “I never thought I was a Libertarian until I picked up Reason magazine and realized I agree with everything they had printed.”

5 Roseanne Barr Nominated For President by the Peace and Freedom Party

The Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) was founded in 1968, during the Vietnam War. It was created in California to show their opposition towards the war in 1966, and went national two years later. Taken directly from the Preamble to the By-laws, on The Peace and Freedom Party’s website, they state, “The Peace and Freedom Party is an open, multi-tendency, movement-oriented socialist party. We are united in our common commitment to socialism, democracy, feminism and unionism and our common opposition to capitalism, imperialism, racism, sexism and elitism.” They believe that Americans should all be equal, and no matter how much money one person has, or whether they are male or female, everyone should be treated equally. This party is also strongly opposed to wars of any kind.

Although the PFP does not appear to be recognized nationally, they have nominated several people throughout the years to be on the presidential ballot. In 2008, Ralph Nader was nominated by the PFP to become president and in 2012, the outspoken Roseanne Barr was asked to be on the ballot by the organization. Roseanne is a stand-up comedienne, and previously had her own television show, Roseanne, that lasted almost ten years. Currently she is s a judge for Last Comic Standing on NBC.

4 Howard Stern Ran for Governor as a Libertarian

Way before Howard Stern accepted his tamed-down role as a judge on America’s Got Talent, he had his own radio talk show that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) had a lot of issues with. Howard was very open and honest about his relationships, women, sex and drugs, and it was difficult for the radio stations he worked with to keep up with the censoring of his material. At one point, he even got fired from WNBC in New York for being too offensive. Over the years, he has been fined by the FCC, with over two million dollars for penalties regarding his antics on the air. At the present time, Howard has a show after moving from public radio to Sirius, where he is free to express his opinions more openly.

In 1994, Howard Stern attempted to join the Libertarian Party and ran for governor of New York. Four months after, he dropped out of the race because he didn't want to tell the rest of the world exactly how much money he had. New York’s state law states that all political officials must disclose their income.

3 Jesse Ventura Wants to Run Under No Party Affiliation

Although Jesse Ventura was under the Independence Party of Minnesota (formerly the Reform Party) when he was governor, Jesse no longer wanted to be involved in any of the parties developed concerning politics. Jesse currently is in an undisclosed location, and has his regular show entitled, Off The Grid; where he lives off of the land and desires to not be affiliated with any politicians in the United States. In his show, he tries to expose the truth about what is going on in the world, and believes that Americans will vote for him if he stands only as an independent from any political category. Many have asked the former professional wrestler-turned governor about whether he is going to run for president. When interviewer Larry King asked him about it, Jesse replied, “If I run as an independent I will be a true independent The way public sentiment is right now, Larry - I mean I would run on this — I offer the people of America, I challenge them to elect the first president since George Washington, the father of our country, that doesn't belong to a political party. Imagine that. And I think the way it is today, you could win on that issue alone.”

2 Ron Paul Supports the Constitution Party

Although Ron Paul isn't exactly a celebrity by Hollywood standards, he is still well-known for running as a third-party candidate, himself, in the 1988 presidential election. He was a Libertarian for many years before leaving the party and joining the Republicans and running for president under the Republican ticket, in 2008 and 2012. According to sources, Ron retired from Congress in January 2013, but is still politically active. He currently supports Chuck Baldwin, a known member of the Constitution Party who is running for president in the next upcoming election.

The Constitution Party is a highly conservative group founded in 1991 that believe the Constitution of the United States should be followed exactly how it was written, word-for-word. According to their website, many Republicans are starting to follow this party because of their strong Christian beliefs.

1 Tommy Chong, Advocate for the Libertarian Party

Tommy Chong was part of the duo in the Cheech and Chong movies filmed back in the 1970s, and has been playing the part of the “stoner” in films and television ever since. According to an interview with L.A. Weekly, Tommy stated that he does not smoke as much as his character portrays, but was jailed in 2006 for transporting drug paraphernalia across state lines. After the nine month prison sentence, Tommy decided to become a Libertarian, which is a party that is for the legalization of marijuana and against big government.

According to the New York Times, the Libertarians are for the legalization of marijuana and most of the members of the party do not believe it is fair to have people imprisoned simply for consuming it. The Libertarian Chair, Nicholas Sarwark had said, "The War on Drugs, and particularly marijuana prohibition, has been an abject failure. Throwing people in jail for smoking marijuana is cruel and unusual punishment. As a public defender, my job has been to keep people out of cages. I'm glad the New York Times editorial board has come around on this issue."

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