6 Of The Most Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

Whenever we watch a movie or a show involving celebrities, we are exposed to vast amounts of cosmetic procedures, whether it’s a face-lift, botox or breast enlargement, and that’s just based on what we can actually see; a lot more goes on that isn't obvious from watching the big screen. It seems that this is just the normal order of things if you’re someone in the spotlight.

Many celebrities and people from rich circles are having surgery of some description, to keep themselves looking young. Many women tend to have more surgery than men, as the aging process is not always favorable for females in the movie or music industry. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common that surgery is way overdone and after several face-lifts, people have the overstretched look, where they seem like they cannot show emotion, and their faces do not move at all. So with cosmetic surgery being here to stay for a while, what’s the most expensive type of surgery performed?

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6 Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty might sound like a strange disease that an animal might catch, but it’s actually a procedure that we would call, getting a ‘Nose Job’.

A nose job is probably as important as a face-lift is to some people, especially those whose noses are larger, smaller or more crooked than the average person. Of course, it doesn't have to all be cosmetic, many people have breathing issues and need their nose adjusted so that they can breath properly. It is understandable that you would want your irregular nose fixed, over another part of the body, as our face is the first thing that anyone sees upon getting acquainted. If you're insecure about the way your nose looks, then the peace of mind that a fixed nose gives you would severely outweigh the cost and risk the procedure involves.

The overall idea behind the nose job is to make a person look completely natural. On the practical side, it can fix any nasal problems that can occur when the nose is irregularly shaped. Rhinoplasty can cost anywhere up to $15,000. Unfortunately, it is one of the highest surgeries where people come back for revision surgery, so this increases the costs of the surgery. Any surgery that involves changing the face is open for major criticism, as the results achieved may not be what the patient envisaged they would be.

5 Liposuction


Although Liposuction is not as intrusive as other procedures, its probably one of the most popular ones. Getting rid of unwanted fat from anywhere in the body sounds appealing to most people, and if you asked any person, be it a celebrity or not, they would probably have somewhere on their body that they would like to have liposuction performed.

The concept of the procedure is simple; a small stainless steel tube is inserted into the fat through small incisions that have been made into the skin. The unwanted fat is then suctioned out to improve body shape. The cost of this surgery depends on how many body parts you wish to have the fat taken from, but can range from $5,000 to $15,000. It's one of the least intrusive surgeries and recovery time can be as little as a week.

4 Full Face Lift

As we go through our lives and grow older, it's no surprise that we don’t look as young as we once were. Wrinkles start appearing and skin can start to sag. Of course, we all age differently, and whilst some people start seeing signs in their early 20’s, others have great skin with minimal wrinkles until their late forties or fifties. It really comes down to genetics.

Although not apparent, our skin goes through many changes as we age. The lower layer of our skin gets thinner and two of the tissue types, Elastin and Collagen start breaking down, which affects the elasticity and tautness of our skin. When our skin loses elasticity, it is more susceptible to gravity, and this is what causes sagging.

The face-lift procedure seems to be the answer, however, it won’t fix all the problems. Some people have no choice but to further surgery, such as getting an eyebrow lift and eye lift. A 'full face-lift' costs around $25,000, depending on the technique used and the extent of the procedure chosen.

3 The 'Mommy Makeover'

The 'Mommy Makeover' is not actually a medical term, but due to the rising popularity of what this surgery involves, and the fact that it is mostly ‘moms’ who undergo it, the name is fitting.

The 'Mommy Makeover' involves a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast work. With pregnancy taking its toll on the female figure, especially after giving birth to several babies, it's not surprising that mom’s are looking for a quick fix or to fix body parts that, no matter how much exercise is undertaken, will ever go back to pre-pregnancy state. It seems that the title ‘Mommy Makeover’ became more popular when woman who embarked on their first cosmetic surgery, realized that one procedure wasn't enough and they required some more work on their post pregnancy figure, leading to breast work and liposuction. These procedures can cost approximately $25,000.

2 Full Body Lift

via:Full Body Lift

The 'Full Body Lift' is by far one of the most major cosmetic surgeries that anyone can undergo. It is carried out purely on obese people who have lost a lot of weight, and once the weight has gone, they are left with layers of excess skin. Unfortunately the human skin can only stretch so far, until it is unable to return to normal, after losing so much weight.

One lady in Britain decided to have surgery after losing over 140lb. After the massive weight loss, she had lots of excess skin, which was impossible to conceal, even under clothes. After talking with a surgeon, he explained that he could perform a tummy tuck, however, this would still leave loose fat on her back. He explained that it was best to take the fat from her back, as well. This surgery basically involved cutting out the excess skin from around her middle, and pulling the skin from her buttocks up and the skin from her stomach down, therefore resulting in excess skin being removed from all the way around the body.

This surgery costs anywhere over $35,000 - $40,000 and involves a lot of risk of infection, as the body is healing a vast area, all at the same time.

1 Face Transplant


We have all heard of the face-lift and have all certainly seen some of the effects of celebrities having too many! Some of us may consider a face-lift when we get older, if we have the money, and this would probably be for vanity reasons, over any other. But some surgery is for much more than vanity. What if your face had been completely destroyed?

Richard Lee Norris had a full-face transplant. One day, returning home drunk, he had an argument with his mom, so he grabbed his shotgun and threatened to shoot himself. On racking a shell into the chamber, the gun went off and blew his face apart, leaving pieces of it around the room. The reconstruction was extremely complex, time consuming and is reported to be one of the most expensive surgeries you can have. The procedure involved transplantation of teeth, upper and lower jaw, tongue and all facial tissues, starting at the scalp and going to the base of the neck. The surgery required a donor, as some parts of the face are too hard to replicate, so his new face came partly from 21-year-old man, Joshua Aversano, who had tragically died when he got hit by a car.

Unfortunately it is not over for Norris, as he will need to continually return to hospital for drugs to stop his body from rejecting his new face. A serious rejection would result in death.

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