6 Celebs Who Don't Care What People Think Of Their Bikini Bodies

Swimsuit season is upon us, and for a lot of beach-goers, that means enacting a strict diet and prepping up the workouts to get the most in-shape bikini body possible. Celebrities especially, feel the pressure to be as fat-free as possible. With the paparazzi following their every move and fighting to get a shot of the biggest stars in skimpy two pieces. It's no wonder celebrities want to make sure the media only has good things to say about their figure.

Most women in the entertainment industry spend hours every week with personal trainers and meticulously watching what they eat. There's a few stars, however, who have said 'I don't care,' and flaunt their curves proudly. These women can be seen looking confident, no matter what the body image pressure society puts on women today. These stars hope that by flaunting their realistic figures, young girls will see that enjoying a day at the beach is all about having fun, not showing off a six pack. Check out these awesome female celebrities who couldn't care less what people think of their bikini bodies.

6 America Ferrera

The star of Ugly Betty is anything but ugly in real life. This curvy Latina actress is aware of the scrutiny she has faced because of her body type, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying a swim in whatever she feels like. In a trip to the Bahamas, photographers caught Fererra looking beautiful and healthy in this light blue and burgundy bikini top and swim skirt.

In 2007, Ferrera told Glamour Magazine, "I'm a regular-size person. I'm a size 6 or 8, which is totally normal." She also offered up some advice to girls everywhere in an interview with NBC Latino. Fererra said, "Take your time and your talent and figure out what you have to contribute to this world and get over what the hell your butt looks like in those jeans!”

5 Kelly Clarkson

American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson has had her fair share of scrutiny for simply not being stick-thin. In 2009, Clarkson admitted her struggle with her body being in the spotlight to People. She said, "It affected me when people were saying about me and some other artists that we were the 'thicker' ones. I'd be a liar if I said I was always fine with it. But I'm wise enough by now to know that you're never going to please everyone so you may as well stop trying."

Here, Clarkson can be seen enjoying a swim in a crystal clear ocean. She looks just like any regular-sized woman in he purple and green bikini.

4 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence skyrocketed to stardom after she was cast as Katniss in the The Hunger Games movies. However, she was criticized for the healthy figure she had while portraying the character, because Katniss and her family are poor and underfed. Lawrence advocated for maintaining her normal weight for the role, however.

She told Barbara Walters, "[Katniss is] from District 12, she's obviously underfed, so she would be incredibly thin. But, I just kept saying, 'We have the ability to control this image that young girls are going to be seeing.' Girls see enough of this body that we can't imitate, that we'll never be able to obtain, these unrealistic expectations, and this is gonna be their hero, and we have control over that." Lawrence's body confidence carried over to her vacation in Hawaii where she was spotted in a blue bikini. It looks like she was enjoying her swim despite the paparazzi having found her in her swimsuit.

3 Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks rose to fame as a super model, which is why as she reaches middle age, she's been criticized for gaining weight. In one episode of her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, Banks rose to the criticism and responded to it. She pulled up an unflattering picture of her in a strapless, one piece bathing suit that the tabloids were labeling as fat, and she came out on stage in the exact same swim suit and talked about the hurtful comments. She got emotional and told everyone who picks on women for their bodies that they can "kiss my fat a**!"

Banks talked to the Huffington Post UK about why it's important to be self confident about how you look. She said, "About 93% of women 'fat talk' about themselves and that struck a chord. Women are doing it in front of their daughters - they're saying my body is disgusting, it makes me feel sick and so on. And I'm thinking, your daughter is probably your size and she's hearing that? That stuff is crazy."

2 Kelly Osbourne

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Kelly Osbourne is best known for her role on Fashion Police, but just because she's okay with criticizing what people wear, doesn't mean she also criticizes body types. Osbourne doesn't play by the roles, which is obvious by her lavender-hued hair. While she was in Hawaii celebrating her mom's 60th birthday, Osbourne paired her pastel 'do with a lime green bikini, proving again that she'll do with her body what she wants.

Osbourne admits that the way she was bullied in the past still gets to her today. School kids used to call her, "Kelly Smelly With the Big Belly Whose Dad’s on the Telly" (referencing her famous dad, Ozzy Osbourne). But as she grew older, Osbourne learned to love herself the way that she is. She says, "I feel good in my own skin because I’ve accepted the fact that I’m me. That’s what’s so great about being alive and being on this planet: Everybody’s different."

1 Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is already a role model for young girls as the successful creator, writer, and star of the hit HBO series, Girls. However, Dunham is even more inspirational because of the positive body image she exudes. Dunham refuses to fit in with Hollywood's size zero standards. Not only does she decline to shed pounds, she sticks it to the man even more by shooting nude scenes for Girls. Plus, in one episode from last season, she spent the whole show in a teeny green bikini.

Dunham says she's learned to appreciate her own body by seeing it as "a vessel I've been given to move through this life" rather than "the be all and end all." She hopes that putting herself out there in Girls can help other people to accept all kinds of body shapes. Not being stick thin doesn't keep her from doing anything. Dunham said, "I think every girl that's a little curvy can tell you it doesn't stop you from having sex, it doesn't stop you from doing anything, unless you decide you should hide in a shame pit because you don't look like a Victoria's Secret Angel."

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