50 Daily Struggles EVERYONE Can Relate To

Let's face it people: Life is life. What do people always say? "There's always something". Some irritation big or small. There is always something, but think of it this way: Twenty years from now, you won't remember it at all. That last sentence is so irritating it ought to be on this list.


50 The Texting Thing

Nice try. Look out for one mad baby mama.

49 The Twitter Thing

And she's already deleted you from her phone and unfriended you on Facebook. And wait until you see that Tweet.

48 Like I Was Texting And...

Oh, man. Like I'm in deep stuff.

47 Just Minding Your Own Business And Wham!

We really wish this was a video. Really bad.

46 It's All About Perspective

Like, where can I get that dude's shirt?

45 Sometimes You Have To Think Fast

Chaos is coming 3-2-1.

44 Bad Day On Steroids

Man, the commute is a b*tch today.


43 When You're Desperate To Get Away From It All

This guy's gonna need some really heavy therapy sessions. Like quick.

42 When You Realize You Are Being Stupid, But It's Too Late

It was a joke. Of course I knew I was talking on my cell phone.

41 When You're Out Impress Your Girlfriend

The only thing worse? You pull out another card and that one is declined, too.

40 It's Me Or The Cat

You didn't really think you were going to win that one, did you?

39 Another Stupid Moment When You Realize Too Late

And when you turn around 10 people are staring and shaking their head, including that hot girl from work.

38 Thanks. We Feel Much Better Now

That ex-Apple dude must be one crazy mad guy by now.

37 See, I Was Like Updating Facebook And...

Hi dad. Like can we talk man to man?

36 Just Sitting On The Sofa With Mom...

And everybody is trying to pretend that they are totally cool with it.

35 That Wicked Student Loan Problem

Our advice? Pay the damn things. It's easier.

34 The Thing About Girls And Fat Pants

If she's in her fat pants, everybody's gonna have a bad day. You have been warned.

33 When You're Afraid To Go Home

This guy's gonna be thinking about this one all day. Like intensely.

32 When There's Good News And There's Bad News

So, at least his best friend is not the dad. We hope.

31 First Date Total Fail

Yeah, I think she really liked me a lot. Just a little shy, I guess.

30 What You'll Think About All Day At Work

There must be an app for that? The world so totally needs a smart tub.

29 The Remote Control Thing

At some point, you'll throw it against a wall. Trust us, we know.

28 You Totally Screwed Up That First Date

You'll have to decide which is more important: Money or the girl?

27 Those Little Internet Lies

No, really and truly, Beyonce and me could be twins.

26 When It's Time To Look Around The Room As If It Isn't You

We doubt anybody will buy that, but you can try.

25 Even Your Dog Lies To You

college humor

Thank God you're home. The cat attacked the Christmas tree.

24 Junk Food Guilt And Denial

Nope. After this Big Mac, large fries, and a diet Coke, I'm cleaning up my act. Until next time.

23 Which Switch?

Personally, we think it's retarded, but you could always label them.

22 Getting Mom Off Your Back

You totally put her in the right place. How long are you grounded for?

21 Careful Planning And It's Still A Disaster

And your date is 5'1" and spends the whole movie leaning the other way to try and see.

20 When You Are So Totally On The Wrong Page

Quick. Where's the delete function?

19 Coping With Bad Stuff

So, you can't find the other shoe? Here's an idea.

18 Social Media Idiots

This dude should definitely NOT have kids. It's that stupid gene big time.

17 The Zipper Problem

Walk out of the room and send the guy a text. Problem solved.

16 We All Have A Screaming WTF Moment

Chaos, death and destruction in 3-2-1.

15 When You Should Just Keep Driving

Well, that's one way of scaring the sh*t out of somebody and telling the whole world to boot.

14 Solving The No-Wheels Issue In Style

We think we've got ourselves one smart stupid dude. Free car is good.

13 Dealing With People You Can't Stand

Leo rocks. That's one cool dude.

12 We Can So Totally Relate

Like is it Friday yet? We want to see this dude smile.

11 Remember The Teachers Who Were Out To Get You?

Plus, she's probably going to call your parents.

10 Sometimes It's Safer To Lie

Or find out whether the thing is loaded. If she says no, she could be a fat liar.

9 When You Have To Think Really, Really Fast

You could try the one about your twin. Maybe not.

8 Some Things Are Just Hard To Say No To

Gosh, babe. So sorry, my phone got stolen and who knows what's on it.

7 Technology Fails Happen

This would make a great movie. Wait, it already is one?

6 Parents Who Work Hard To Embarrass You

Like you can only hope you were adopted and you aren't really related to those people.

5 The Public Toilet Fear Factor

Or maybe I can hold it until I get home. Maybe.

4 Cell Phone In The Toilet Hassle

And they have the nerve to accuse you of lying.

3 When You Didn't See What Was Coming

She's probably with her friends and having a big giggle meltdown.

2 Dealing With Difficult Parents

How long you grounded for? That long?

1 Internet Dating Denial

You could try at church, but then no one would even begin to believe that one.

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