5 Victoria Secret Models Who Love Food

Yes, these are the kind of girls that would be easy to hate. They eat what they want, unless they are working a shoot or a runway, and are the radiant standards of what Americans prefer in both health and beauty.

We're not saying these girls overeat or eat heavily on a daily basis, because most of them don't. What we are loving to hear is that they are self-proclaimed "foodies". Not many of the emaciated models will admit the reality of having to starve themselves while secretly jonesing for food. We've all heard stories of so many models who exist on champagne, cigarettes and diet drugs or cocaine. Not so with this quintet. They are wholesome, happy and glowing with health.

Actually, one of the most beautiful things about the Victoria's Secret models, in general, is that they are not on the super, super skinny side, like most runway models who are 20 pounds or more below the average weight for their height.

Victoria's girls look strong, healthy and lean more than skinny. From the looks of it, most of them work out as you can see their elongated muscle and tight, smooth skin. When they come bouncing down that runway, they exude strength, confidence and fitness.

Think about it; it would not be possible to strut down the runway in the highest heels in next to nothing and sporting big, floppy wings without being in top shape, right? You would need a strong core to walk with the grace, allure and agility required to do what these girls do.

Some of the models admit that weeks before showtime they stop eating carbs, gluten and, well, just about anything with substance. Some stop eating solids altogether to ensure nothing jiggles and that a flat-stomach is maintained. However, make no mistake after the excitement of the show, they are ready for some good old-fashioned "chowing down".

This list is comprised of the top five Victoria's Secret self-proclaimed foodies. Actually, we're sure there are others, but we think they are still keeping it a secret. Thank goodness for the honest supermodels of today. Gives us hope that food is not necessarily the root of all evil. According to these ladies, it's not what you eat - it's the balance between eating and fitness that counts.

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5 Adriana Lima: Pasta

We really aren't seeing any evidence of hamburgers and fries on this perfect body. Tight and firm, Adriana has had two children with separated-husband, former NBA player, Marko Jaric. Her long-standing successful career in modeling has given her opportunities in movies and television shows, such as: the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Super Bowl ads and a few movie roles, such as The Follow and The Hire.

Lima is every man's dream and her body is so awesome she is considered a 10+.  She enjoys food and gives herself the luxury of eating anything and everything she wants on only one day of the year; Christmas Day. "I eat everything I want on Christmas day. I don't really watch what I eat, it's not like you have Christmas every day!" She is said to have a love for pasta and Brazilian food. "To say I have food issues is an understatement."

Her trick to staying strong and thin, "I love working out and food is a source of energy so it's very important."

4 Candice Swanepoel: Steak and Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Candice works out with a trainer to keep her figure and balance in check. With all of the viral videos of models falling on runways, top models like Candice take precautions and work hard to create a strong core, agility and stability. When asked about her diet strategy, she admits it is not hard to stick to a healthy diet because her 5'9" frame allows her to eat her favorite foods, like pizza and pasta.

Plus, she loves to cook and recently purchased a KitchenAid mixer and pressure cooker as her boyfriend's mother taught her how to cook Brazilian food such as stews, rice and beans.

She also loves to eat in restaurants. "I grew up on a dairy and beef farm in South Africa and I can't live without steak. I especially love The Smith in New York City, it has amazing burgers and steak... I think the most important thing is dessert and you can never go wrong with chocolate. I'd go for chocolate covered strawberries -- in fact, I could eat 100 of them right now."

3 Karlie Kloss: Spicy Curries

During Fashion Week or Victoria's Secret shoots, the diet is more about almond butter, dark chocolate and other light snacks that are high in protein. However, during down time, Karlie enjoys spicy guacamole, pasta and veal Milanese. She is also a self-professed dessert-lover and adores the pastries in Paris. Always a healthy diner, she is known to whip up spicy vegetable curries and loves to try her hand at creating her own recipes.

"I'm the queen of snacks. All the other models always know that I'm good for a snack and especially for a cookie. I always have Karlie's Kookies in my bag, especially at shows. It's a healthy cookie because it's vegan and it's made of flour, oats, dark chocolate chips, agave and olive oil, so it's something you can indulge in and not feel too guilty about.

I'm a big fan of chocolately things, chocolate in general, any form of chocolate. So if I can incorporate chocolate in my first meal of the day, I'll do it. Like chocolate chip pancakes. I like things that taste kind of like candy and are supposedly healthy - like chocolate protein bars-but in reality they're probably not very healthy, but I feel like it's slightly better than a candy bar."

2 Toni Garrn: Chocolate

“My bag is always filled with food,” Garrn told us backstage at the Lexington Armory, opening up her big Miu Miu tote to show off health bars, coconut water and raw chocolate. German-born Toni Garrn has been a model since 2008 when she got her first break with Calvin Klein.

She has been in the public eye more than ever before for being Leonardo DiCaprio's housemate and girlfriend of 11 months. They have been spotted eating big plates of what looked to be Mexican cuisine while sitting on stools side-by-side.

"My exercise regime is pretty strict anyway. I work out every day, but I step it up for the show. Before the 2013 show, I didn't eat sugar or gluten for a month - which is extreme for me because I'm a big, big sweet tooth - so that was the biggest challenge of my life, basically!"

We're sure the sweet-tooth people of the world understand completely and admirers love her for her efforts.

1 Lily Aldridge: Pizza

Lily is clear about food - she loves it. However, since her body is such a large part of her success, she has added fitness as part of her regular routine. She loves spaghetti with bolognese sauce (tomato sauce with meat) and calls herself a foodie. When traveling for work or pleasure, Lily loves having the opportunity to experience new cuisines.

In an interview with Shape Magazine, she admits to loving avocado as one of her favorite snacks. "I eat it with rice cakes, plain, or make guacamole. It's so healthy for you and so satisfying."

She understands the importance of not being consumed by her weight and states, "I work out really hard so you need to balance your life."

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