5 Things to Know about Prince Harry’s New Squeeze

Prince Harry who is one of the most controversial royals in the United Kingdom, and is very different in his demeanor from that of his brother, Prince William has been having a blast ever since he returned from his military training in Afghanistan. He has been seen spending quite a bit of time with a socialite by the name of Cressida Bonas recently with the media speculating that this affair might turn out to be quite a serious relationship.

The two were seen engaging in intimate behavior at a place called Verbier recently. According to close friends and family members, the two of them are really enjoying the time that they are spending with each other and are happy to do just that. There are however some interesting facts which readers can know about this new squeeze of Harry’s.

The half sister of Cressida Bonas was once linked to Prince William and thus the lady has a royal connection as well, which definitely goes in her favor when it comes to a long term relationship with Prince Harry. Her mother is a former IT girl by the name of Lady Marie Gaye Curzon.

All her siblings have aristocratic and colorful names. Georgina and Pandor Cooper Key are some of the names which her cousins and siblings have. They also have nicknames which are quite unique. For instance, Cressida has the nickname of Smally, which is rather unconventional really.

Cressida is known to like music festivals quite a lot and is often seen to be attending these in the United Kingdom. She also likes clothes which are of a hippy style and is more into casual wear than into formal clothing. For instance, given a choice between sneakers and heels, she would rather choose sneakers. At the moment, Cressida is taking dance classes at Greenwich near London. She is indeed quite a talented dancer. Apart from being a well known socialite, she might see fame as a dancer as well. We must wait and watch!

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5 Things to Know about Prince Harry’s New Squeeze