5 Celebrities Who Are Social Media Experts

In today’s society, almost everyone has an account with some sort of social network and celebrities are certainly no exception. Twitter seems to be the most popular among the famous, allowing the rest of the public to follow them and to see what is going on with their lives. Facebook is a decent platform to gather online with old friends, share a business venture, post pictures, make new acquaintances or to just play games. Instagram is one that people use to share pictures and is similar to Facebook.

There are many more social sites available that people go to just for fun, but some celebrities seem to appear to be more than just sharing what they had for dinner. Some of them are doing something good for the community by helping others through charities or their own humanitarian work, rock stars post information for their next show or their new music and actors are trying to promote their next movie. There are some celebrities that appear to be downright obsessed with social media, posting several times a day to allow fans to basically follow their every footstep. It is hard to determine if they are undertaking the posts themselves, or if they have someone to write for them but it is interesting to see just what our favorite stars are up to. Here are 5 celebrities who are using social media to their advantage.

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5 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, the great grand-daughter of the founder of the Hilton Hotel, seemed to have found her claim to fame back in 2003 when she created a sex tape with her boyfriend and it somehow was “leaked” to the media. Since then, her popularity has risen, with small acting parts in movies, larger roles in movies like House of Wax and even tried her part in singing. Paris likes to stay focused on being famous by reaching out to her 12.7 million followers on Twitter (posting almost hourly), her own personal website, Instagram and the 4.9 million people who “like” her on Facebook.

Paris is working hard with her fragrances and bags that she designs. In an interview with dailymail, she states: “I have 35 stores and 17 product lines and then there’s my racing team, my 14 fragrances and my new project, the Paris Hilton Beach Club chain.” Paris is also giving back to the community by participating in several charities around the world, including Children’s Hospital, Feeding America, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Race to Erase MS and Union Rescue Mission.

4 Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham is a favorite comedian of people all around the world. He is a ventriloquist; with some of the “dummies” he uses named Walter, Bubba, Jose the Jalapeno and Walter. The favorite character (of most fans) would be Achmed the Dead Terrorist, who is missing his skin and is just a skeleton who has “died” while on a suicide mission (in theory, of course). Amazingly enough, Achmed was a big hit when Jeff did a tour of the Middle East, although he was afraid of what would happen when he performed his routine in Afghanistan. Jeff is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, tweeting and Facebooking his jokes and stories to his fans all over the world. Almost daily, he can be found tweeting pictures or giving a “shout out” to his family when he is not able to be with them.

Jeff is not just another “funny guy,” he also is very charitable. He created a program named, “The Jeff Dunham Fund” where $1 of every ticket that is sold for his events go to some type of charity. That money goes towards several organizations; including The Salvation Army, Make A Wish Foundation and Cystic Fybrosis Foundation, just to name a few. In 2012, Jeff donated $15,000 to the “Second Harvest Food Bank of San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties.” Jeff now has over 430,000 followers on Twitter and 8.5 million “likes” on Facebook.

3 Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank is most commonly known for playing Tommy Oliver - the green, then white power ranger on the television show, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Although the show was targeted towards children, a lot of adults enjoyed watching the show as well. Jason was trained in the martial arts as a young boy and has since won multiple awards in matches around the country, along with joining Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and is currently a seventh-degree black belt. Jason was named Master of the Year in American Karate, 2003 and previously held the Guinness World Record for the “most pine boards broken in freefall.” Jason still holds the part of being a “power ranger” close to his heart and is very grateful for his fans that he shows through social media. Recently, Jason obtained some money and ended up giving it all away to his fans on Facebook and Twitter, making it as fair as possible by having a contest and the first person to respond won a small portion of his winnings each time.

Jason currently is a member and avid user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. He is very philanthropic with his money and time as well. He has arranged charity dinners and organized events to help people and has even made personal phone calls to his fans, just “because.” He can be found on Facebook, posting almost daily about his personal life, his fans, giving inspiring messages or simply to share his generosity. Jason has over 432,000 people that “like” him on Facebook, and he tries to read every comment that appears from the admirers on his page.

2 George Takei

Unless one does not use the internet or hasn't seen a television in the last fifty years, Everyone will know who George Takei is. George is an avid supporter for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups and is not afraid to show it. He has been in several television shows and movies, used his voice talents for cartoons and also made guest appearances, but nothing shows his pride more than the work he does for his community through writing and the internet.

George is popular on Facebook mainly due to his funny meme postings, his tweets using Twitter and his lesser-known, Tumblr account. Even if one does not agree with his lifestyle, his humor can sometimes sway them to think otherwise. Almost daily, George can be found posting his funny messages on Facebook and Twitter, sometimes promoting his many books; one of which is, Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet that reached #10 on the New York Times E-book nonfiction list, according to Amazon.com. George has over six million fans on Facebook and appears to grow larger every day.

1 President Barack Obama

A list of celebrity tweets just would not be complete without the President of the United States, Barack Obama. For those who are not a fan, it is still a good idea to follow the president, just to be involved in current events and to see what is taking place at the Capitol. The president is pretty good at keeping us updated by being a member of Twitter (with over 42 million followers), Facebook (also with over 40 million followers), Youtube, and even has a Myspace account. During his campaigning, President Obama used the social sites to try to sway voters his way and apparently it worked out pretty well.

Although the leader of the country does not always take the time to update his status, he has someone do it for him but he does post on occasion. President Obama’s tweets are a bit easier to find out if he has actually written them, for he signs his initials, “BO,” at the end of every tweet.

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