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38 Year Prison Sentence for Drew Peterson

38 Year Prison Sentence for Drew Peterson

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Drew Peterson who is a well-known police officer in Chicago has been sentenced to as many as 38 years in prison. Drew Peterson is one who is characterized by quite a swaggering personality and has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. His notoriety knows no bounds. He has been in the news ever since his fourth wife, who is much younger than him, has gone missing for quite some time. Drew Peterson has been arrested for the murder of his third wife. The state if Illinois does not allow its people to undergo a death penalty when convicted. Hence Peterson has been given 38 years of prison. A four year credit has already been awarded to him by the judge because of the time that he has served in prison ever since he was arrested.

The news is quite shocking and has made all people living in the city of Chicago go pale in fear. It seldom ever happens that people who are responsible for the maintenance of law engage in crimes. When they do, it leaves the people protected by them feeling highly insecure. The murder which he committed is quite a gruesome one. And so, the prison terms which have been meted out to him are quite harsh. Kathleen Savio who was Drew’s wife, was found dead in 2004 in her home. Her neighbors had uncovered her body which was apparently soaked in blood, in a bathtub. There was also a gash on the forehead of the murdered victim.

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Drew Peterson has been looking to hoodwink the law always to get away from a prison term. His expertise in the arena of law enforcement has of course enabled him to do so. Drew Peterson, who is fifty nine years of age, married a girl for the fourth time, way younger than him. The girl, who was barely twenty three years of age, disappeared a while back. It was her disappearance really which compelled the police to take a fresh look at the case and realize that what Drew Peterson had committed in 2004 was nothing less than homicide, and that, prison is the place where he ought to be put into for good.

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A defense request for Drew Peterson had been made recently. But a judge denied this request flat out. Drew, it is believed, also turned out to be quite aggressive while his trial was taking place recently. He is supposed to have shouted loudly in the courtroom that he did not kill his late wife, while a judge announced his sentence, with someone in the courtroom audience shouting back that he had. Drew Peterson is a person who is extremely well-known for his cocky behavior. The shame and disgust which people now feel for him knows no bounds.

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