21 Amazing Floating Bed Designs For Your Bedroom

floating bed designs

We are always looking to find the latest trends, even when in comes to home décor. Floating beds are the trendiest thing in bedroom design at the moment. This clean and modern look can be the perfect addition to your home.

There are actually some things you should consider of before redecorating and incorporating a floating bed into your bedroom. Since there are no box springs supporting the mattress, you MUST have cross supports and full panel supports allowing the structure to be stable.

When it comes to style, everyone is different. However, choosing a style that creates more space and gives off a cleaner design is something everyone should consider. By going with a floating bed, it does not mean you must have a modern style. There are many ways of turning this look into your own.

Another important factor is cost. Surprisingly, a floating bed can actually save you money. Since floating beds eliminate box springs, they also eliminate that expense. This is perfect if you are on a budget and still want something of quality. For those thinking of redecorating your bedroom, a floating bed is truly an easy and affordable way to make a change.

Here are 20 incredible floating bed designs for your bedroom.

21 Without a Headboard

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Instead of cluttering the room with a big and chunky headboard, the floating bed allows you to let the artwork above your bed be the focal point of the room. A great idea for anyone who wants their art to be the focal point of their room.

20 Under Lighting

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These kinds of beds can also come with under lighting, giving the illusion that the bed is floating because the supports are not visible. It's a modern design that gives your room a contemporary edge while maintaining a clean look.

19 No Need For A Box Spring

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As most of us know, most beds consist of a mattress and box spring set on some sort of frame. The platform bed actually uses a sturdier frame leaving no need for the box spring. We don’t really know where the platform bed originated; however, we know that the modern box spring was invented in the 1860s.

18 Large Bedroom

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Adding a floating bed in a larger room gives it an even more modern look. It opens up the room and gives it a clean and current flair. As you can see in this photo, by using an accent colour, you can really make a room look phenomenal.

17 Grey Hues

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The grey hues and a textured wall truly adds a unique quality to this room. When decorating with neutral colours, it's nice to add a pop of colour like some decorative pillows or a colorful framed photo as shown in the example above.

16 Suspended

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The above photo demonstrates a floating bed without a conventional headboard. The floating bed fills up this small space giving it a feeling of both style and privacy. The platform suspended in mid-air also allows the bed to swing freely for a soothing sleep and the ropes suspending the frame add to the rustic look.

15 Narrow Rooms

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This narrow room is hard to decorate which is why a floating bed is perfect. It gives enough space and adds enough style to make this room stunning. Not only do floating beds work in large rooms, they make smaller rooms seem larger as well.

14 On A Ledge

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This is an example of a floating bed without a headboard. The horizontal panelled walls replace the headboard taking away clutter from the room while also adding a useful ledge to place lamps or other decorative pieces.

13 Anchored To The Floor

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A floating bed does not have to be anchored to the wall. As you can notice, the floor support is at the head of the bed. At the foot end of the bed, the minimalistic style gives the floating appearance.

Platform beds became extremely popular in the 1970s, which was also a time where modern interior design became popular. The '70s was also the period in which water beds became popular in the U.S., using a water-filler liner as a mattress, which is then laid inside a wooden frame, very similar to the platform.

12 Woods and Whites

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You can mix woods and whites together, giving your room a more masculine touch. Here, you can see the beautiful dark wood in contrast with the white cabinets, giving a great looks for any bachelor's apartment or house.

11 A Little Bit Country

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Just because you don't have a modern bedroom, does not mean you can't have a floating bed. Notice the beautiful wood work of both the room and the bed and how well it fits. This room truly makes you feel at one with nature.

10 Wallpaper

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Above, you will notice how the wallpaper and floating bed are the two focal points of the room. This is a great example on how a floating bed in a large room could have a truly beautiful effect.

9 Black and White

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Black and white is both classic and modern, and this black and white floating bed unit is a beautiful example of what it can look like. Notice how the bed's platform is attached to the nightstands and headboard, which are all one unit. So cool!

8 Minimalist

Via top100design.com

This is the perfect example of a minimalistic approach; the floating bed is undeniably the focal point of this stunning bedroom which maintains a clean and fresh look with a nice splash of color.

7 Oddly Shaped Rooms

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This room is difficult to decorate due to its irregular shape, and the floating bed fits perfectly. The small size of the bedroom does not give much space to work with, and yet this design has a spacious feel to it.

6 Open Air

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With a view like that, why would anyone want a headboard? This floating bed gives the illusion that you are floating in the air when paired with that view.

5 Bright LEDs

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In 2015, designers have found a creative use for LED lighting, which can be used to give the illusion that the platform bed is really floating. There are even plenty of DIY tutorials for those who love to do it themselves. The LED lighting truly adds "pop" to the bedroom, keeping the bed as the focal point of the room.

4 Center of the Room

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Although floating beds are part of the modern bedroom design family, it can also be the focal point of any style…if you know what you are doing of course. Like any piece of furniture, depending of the materials used, the bed dictates the style of the room. Rustic wood frames and headboards gives a more masculine and edgy flair to the bedroom. For a more feminine look, upholstered platforms and headboard can make a room look like it was fit for a queen!

3 Modern Meets Rustic

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This is a perfect example of a twist between modern and rustic. The wood gives it a masculine feel, however the angles and cleanliness of this look creates more space. It's a nice compromise for people who can't decide between classic and contemporary

2 Spaced Out

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No one ever said that a floating bed couldn't look like a car or a spaceship! This is a super cool and unique way of decorating your place, if you're into crazy and radical designs of course.

1 Bunk Beds

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Floating bunk beds anyone? This is not only a great space saver but it is also extremely unique. An all around awesome idea, whether it be for your kids' bedroom or a spare room in your house!

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