20 Weird Thoughts All Women Have About Their Boobs

If you’re a girl, then you’ve probably already asked yourself a million and one questions about your female body parts at some point or another. Women, and many girls for that matter, spend the majority of their life analyzing themselves. From the time they’re little girls with a flat chest, to their transition to becoming a teenager and feeling totally embarrassed about their ever changing bodies, women go through every emotion possible when it comes to their bodies and more specifically their bust.

From asking yourself light-hearted questions about the rules of wearing bras or how they look in a particular outfit, to more serious health-related questions, the analyzing is endless. At the end of the day, the most important part in all of this is to remember that they are a part of you and it is important to embrace your body for what it is.

Surely, there are always options to either enhance or reduce a woman's chest, in which case you would hope to be satisfied with the results afterwards. Whatever the decision may be, the main goal is to feel happy, loving and positive towards yourself.

20 Why do they hurt?

19 Why is one bigger than the other? 

18 What would it be like if they were smaller? Bigger? 

17 I wish I had her chest...

16 What will they look like after I have kids? 

15 Are they too exposed in this top? 

14 Why do kids like touching them? 

13 I wonder how many sports bras I should wear...

12 Is my shirt see through? 

11 Do I have to wear a bra with this? 

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10 I can’t wait to take my bra off! 

9 I wish I didn’t have to wear a bra. 

8 I hope it doesn’t show that I’m cold. 

7 I wonder how much they actually weigh? 

6 When should I start getting mammograms? 

5 Is that a lump? 

4 What does my partner think of them? 

3 Do they look good today? 

2 They look awesome in this outfit!

1 I love them. 

Last but not least, love yourself and love them. This is you. This is what you were born with and you are going to be living with them for the rest of your life. Whether you choose to get implants, get a reduction or remain natural is entirely up to you. The important thing in the end is that you embrace yourself and enjoy them as part of who you are. What’s the point of living a negative life and picking on yourself all of the time? It is normal to compare yourself to others but it is even more important to appreciate who you are and also realize that as you wish you looked like someone else, someone also wishes that they looked like you. That being said, be positive and own it!

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