20 Weird Thoughts All Women Have About Their Boobs

If you’re a girl, then you’ve probably already asked yourself a million and one questions about your female body parts at some point or another. Women, and many girls for that matter, spend the majority of their life analyzing themselves. From the time they’re little girls with a flat chest, to their transition to becoming a teenager and feeling totally embarrassed about their ever changing bodies, women go through every emotion possible when it comes to their bodies and more specifically their bust.

From asking yourself light-hearted questions about the rules of wearing bras or how they look in a particular outfit, to more serious health-related questions, the analyzing is endless. At the end of the day, the most important part in all of this is to remember that they are a part of you and it is important to embrace your body for what it is.

Surely, there are always options to either enhance or reduce a woman's chest, in which case you would hope to be satisfied with the results afterwards. Whatever the decision may be, the main goal is to feel happy, loving and positive towards yourself.


20 Why do they hurt?

There are many different reasons why a girl's bust might hurt. Just because you feel a little pain, doesn’t mean that you should jump to conclusions right away. I mean, it’s important to be aware as to what is going on with your body, but it is equally important to not overreact at all times, and in turn stress yourself out. Chances are they’re sore because you’re PMSing, worked out and are experiencing the aftermath or maybe your bra isn’t doing its job anymore. Nonetheless, if it's something that doesn’t seem to be going away and is bothering you, get it checked out.

19 Why is one bigger than the other? 


This one might be a shocker but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since one side of our body is generally a bit bigger and even stronger than the other side. Also, chances are the difference is so minute that only you really notice it. This is because we are over-analyze most aspects of our lives and our physical appearance is one of them. If the difference isn’t drastic (truly drastic) then it shouldn’t be something you focus on that much. The more we analyze, the worse it seems.

18 What would it be like if they were smaller? Bigger? 

It’s human nature to never be satisfied with what we have. Those who have short hair want long hair, those with curly hair wish it was straight and vice versa. Well, the same applies to women and their bust size. While plastic surgeries have now been made available to either increase or decrease one’s bust size, it doesn’t mean that everyone is gung-ho about going through with the surgery. Without even taking it that far, many women simply wonder what it would be like to have the opposite of what they actually have.

17 I wish I had her chest...


Yet again, another "want what we don’t have" scenario. What we fail to acknowledge is what we actually do have. Sure, it’s easy to compare ourselves to others. You want to have her bust size because they’re big and fill out a v-neck nicely, while someone else wishes they had smaller ones to facilitate playing sports. We always admire others and in turn we wish to have something other than what we have, but it’s important to take a step back to acknowledge and embrace what you actually have. Because someone out there wants that too, guaranteed.

16 What will they look like after I have kids? 

Oh yes, the big question mark. What will they look like after I have kids? You hear tons of stories about women who went up two or three sizes and were satisfied, and others who got so big that they were left in pain. It seems like there are pros and cons to all of these situations. The truth is, you will just have to wait and see. Some smaller busted women end up increasing in size. Women who are already busty sometimes get even bigger and don’t know how to handle them anymore, while others don’t see much of a difference. Whatever the case may be, just roll with it and focus your attention on the important part of the picture, your baby.

15 Are they too exposed in this top? 


This is a very common question for women who have a larger bust. Although it can be appealing and quite sexy to show a bit of cleavage, it doesn’t always work out in your favor. Say you’re going for a job interview, or are working with kids…the last thing you want is to feel overly exposed, bend the wrong way or have a button pop off of your blouse. That’s why women often feel the need to ensure that their top fits properly or that they are dressed appropriately for the occasion. There is a time and place for everything, even the amount of cleavage being shown.

14 Why do kids like touching them? 

Especially if you are an early childhood educator, teacher, day camp monitor or anything else that exposes you to a group of kids trying to grab your attention, you will notice that many children (especially in the younger grades) have the tendency to tap you on your chest without realizing that it is inappropriate and somewhat awkward. It’s even more awkward when you politely remind them to not do it and they continue to do so. Maybe they’re used to doing it to their mothers but there are boundaries. Kiddos…


13 I wonder how many sports bras I should wear...


That’s right. Men don’t experience this problem, which is another reason why is takes them a quarter of the time to get changed before a workout or sport. Yes, some women have to wear not only one but sometimes two or three bras, sports bras and tightly fitted tank tops in order to keep everything under control. Imagine running on a treadmill with a bag of potatoes bouncing around on your chest. We need to keep these babies as contained as possible or our workout will not only be disastrous, but painful as well. And no, the dance and aerobics classes are no exception. Any activity that makes us move that much can be hazardous.

12 Is my shirt see through? 

This is another thing we need to think about, among the millions of other things when getting ready. If our shirt is slightly transparent, then we need to re-think the choice of bra we wear with it. Just because a top is white, doesn’t mean that it’s the only color that will possibly be see through. A black or sheer top can also be see through depending on the fit or the way the light reflects off of it. In some cases, sporting a slightly transparent top could be deemed fashionable. But in other cases, it’s something you want to avoid as much as possible, especially before going out in public and feeling embarrassed.

11 Do I have to wear a bra with this? 

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This one doesn’t necessarily apply to all girls, but it applies to a large portion of them. Let’s face it, ladies, sometimes we just don’t feel like wearing a bra at all. Some girls can actually get away with this as they either have enough support in the tank top that they’re wearing or it simply won’t show all that much. If you can afford to get away without wearing a bra, all the power to you! Not everyone can pull it off, especially women with larger busts. That would be way too obvious and probably not the best idea. Nevertheless, some busty women enjoy the freedom and are not so hesitant to pull this off.

10 I can’t wait to take my bra off! 

That’s right. It’s been a long day, you’re hot and uncomfortable. You just want to sit in your pyjamas, sip on a glass of wine and watch Netflix. Oh, and you want to take your bra off immediately. Although bras are wonderful as they give great support and hold everything (or most things) in place, you will always have those irritating days (or even regular days) where you just want to set them free! People think changing from jeans to sweat pants is a huge relief…try going from bra to braless. The sense of relief and comfort is unlike any other.

9 I wish I didn’t have to wear a bra. 


And then there’s the classic “wish I didn’t have to wear a bra” scenario. Let’s face it, we’ve all thought about it. On a hot, sticky summer day where we try to limit the amount of layers we wear, wearing a bra is just one more fitted layer. Yes, for the most part, it definitely makes you look better…but it doesn’t change the fact that you could easily find yourself with sweat stains in the middle of your tank top. Yup, that’s right. As if we didn’t already have enough things to worry about!

8 I hope it doesn’t show that I’m cold. 

Keep in mind, this particular thought doesn’t just apply to winter. You just took a shower or you came out of the pool and your body is experiencing a slight temperature shock. Yup, your first instinct is to cross your arms in order to cover up the fact that you are so obviously chilly in certain areas. The truth is, this could happen when it's hot or cold out, depending on a slight chill and a quick reaction. Although it’s only natural, it is something that we so often feel embarrassed about and in turn worry other people will notice.

7 I wonder how much they actually weigh? 


We’ve all thought about this before. How much does each one weigh? How much do they weigh together? How much would I weigh if I didn’t have them? It’s also probably crossed your mind to lay them on a scale to try and get a rough estimate. Whatever the thought may be, it is very likely that you have already wondered how much your breasts weigh at some point or another.

6 When should I start getting mammograms? 

All jokes aside, mammograms are serious when it comes to thinking about our ladies. It is a precaution that all women need to start taking at some point in their lives. It hasn’t been described as being the most comfortable situation, but it is definitely worth taking the exam as a security measure. Women generally start going for mammograms at around 40 years old and up. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your physician should you feel concerned or uncertain about getting one.

5 Is that a lump? 


This is an extremely common thought amongst women as we all worry about finding something. Rest assured, it is totally normal to worry. But it is also important to not overreact. Among other things, much of our breasts are made up of tissue, which can sometimes feel as though there is some type of lump. As women, we want to take care of our bodies as much as possible and ensure ourselves that we are aware of any changes we notice. Once again, it is important to speak to your doctor about any concerns you might have. At the same time, they can show you how to properly check for lumps which could very well ease your mind in doing so. Sometimes we mistake temporary swelling (such as during PMS) and begin to worry. We don’t want that.

4 What does my partner think of them? 

Although we are always told that the most important thing in the world is to love yourself, it is inevitable to think of our partner as well. Especially when it comes to our physical appearance. That’s not to say that looks mean everything, but every women wants to feel sexy, beautiful and appreciated by their partner. This is why such a thought crosses our minds quite often. The important thing to remember is, if your partner loves you, then they should and most likely do appreciate everything about you. If they don’t, then maybe it’s time to think twice about them. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

3 Do they look good today? 


You’ve got ‘em…they’re yours…you want to own them! It’s normal to wonder if they look good and hope that they do. Once again, this doesn’t mean that you need to be flaunting them inappropriately…it just means that you want to make sure that they look good in whatever you’re wearing, or doing. Maybe you’re sporting a new bikini, a beautiful dress, a simple t-shirt or some cute new PJs. Whatever it is, women want to feel beautiful and confident, and they should. Remember, showing that you're confident gives off a very positive glow and makes everything look good in the end.

2 They look awesome in this outfit!

That’s it! You need to be positive about how you and your girls look. If you stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you hate they way they look in whatever outfit you’re wearing, then you are starting on a negative note right off the bat. You need to own it and tell yourself, wait a minute - they look awesome in this outfit! Here again, confidence doesn’t only give you a mental and emotional boost but your positive moral will reflect how you carry yourself physically as well. There is no reason why you should deny yourself of such a wonderful feeling.

1 I love them. 


Last but not least, love yourself and love them. This is you. This is what you were born with and you are going to be living with them for the rest of your life. Whether you choose to get implants, get a reduction or remain natural is entirely up to you. The important thing in the end is that you embrace yourself and enjoy them as part of who you are. What’s the point of living a negative life and picking on yourself all of the time? It is normal to compare yourself to others but it is even more important to appreciate who you are and also realize that as you wish you looked like someone else, someone also wishes that they looked like you. That being said, be positive and own it!

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