20 Weird Things Many Americans Believe About Intimacy

Do you think you know about sex? While it may be the talk of the town on college campuses or among groups of teenage boys, there is a lot about sex that many people don’t really understand. From how to protect yourself to how to have the best sex ever, there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this topic. And while sex is a great thing that should be celebrated and not ignored, there are some things that we should all know before we hit the sack with our sexual partner.

This is our list of 20 Weird Things Americans Believe About Sex. We actually hope that this list helps you and makes your sexual experiences more enjoyable and a whole lot safer. Thanks to popular media and just talk among circles of friends, a lot of us have developed this skewed reality of what sex really entails. And we are here to put those myths and rumors to rest!

From birth control and condoms to shower sex and sexually-transmitted diseases, just think of this as a friendly reminder that sex is not something to be taken lightly. You can have a super-fun time, as long you get informed and stay safe!


20 The Bigger the Penis, the Better the Sex

Not true! While it may be nice for us to think that a bigger size down there equates to more satisfying sex, it just isn’t true. You can have the best intercourse ever with a guy who has a less-than-average sized dingaling. And in reality, the majority of women really aren’t all that interested in the size of a guy’s penis. Of course, a man who is less endowed may feel worse about himself, which in turn may hinder his performance in bed. And that is what can lead to unfulfilling sex. The bottom line: when both partners are into it and invested in sex, the experience rocks.

19 If He Pulls Out, You Won’t Get Pregnant


Not necessarily. While it does seem to make a lot of sense: the guy pulls his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates and thus, prevents pregnancy. Well, the reality is that men release sperm before they ejaculate, and that “pre-cum” could lead to pregnancy. So be safe, because there is a chance of getting preggo all the time (sexually speaking.) You should never rely on “pulling out” as your sole form of birth control. We have the pill, condoms, and IUDs for a reason! So the bottom line here is to just use extra protection and be safe. Really, the precautions will be worth it in the end.

18 The Morning-After Pill Can Replace the Pill

Some girls out there may think that if she takes the morning-after pill, she can count on zero chance of pregnancy. But if she isn’t taking birth control on a regular basis, then the odds are that she is not as protected as she may think. It just isn’t wise to rely only on the morning-after pill. It is to be used for dire circumstances only; not as a regular stand-by. You should always take extra care to be safe and protected when having sex. That means using condoms, taking a daily birth control pill, or even having an IUD.

17 Period Sex Won’t Get You Pregnant


Wrong! While some people are totally into period sex (and there is nothing wrong with that by the way,) there is still the possibility that you could end up with a bun in the oven. What most people assume is that during a girl’s period, the eggs dissolve and there is no intact egg, so there is no chance of a guy’s sperm impregnating her. And while that may very well occur, the fact is that sperm can live inside a girl’s reproductive system for up to a week. That means that if her period ends and the sperm is still alive, the new egg and the living sperm will meet up and make a baby.

16 Tight Condoms Mean More Protection

Hey, we guess it could make sense. After all, righty-tighty and the sperm will stay locked in the condom, right? Well, the reality is that a tight condom could actually be more susceptible to breaking, and you know what that means. Sperm everywhere! But really, having a too-tight condom could be just as risky as having a too-loose condom. Allow the guy to keep things snug, but with a little wiggle room. That will be ideal for protecting the female from attacking sperm. And using regular birth control (a pill or an IUD) is a wise choice, too.

15 Multiple Condoms Means More Protection


A girl may demand that her guy put on more than one condom with the thinking that more layers means more protection from his spermtastic ejaculation. Well, the real side of this is that wearing more than one condom can cause the rubbers to brush against each other. That may wear down the condoms, making them weaker and more likely to split or break. So, much like wearing a too-tight condom, wearing more than one may spell disaster for your sexual rendezvous. Using just a condom for protection during sex is never a good idea anyway, so be sure to have other forms of birth control.

14 Oral Sex is Safe Sex

While oral sex will not get a girl pregnant, it can still lead to disastrous consequences. Hello, ever hear of an STD? Even though there are no spermy fellows seeping into your va-jay-jay, the chances of contracting gonorrhea, chlamydia, or another sexually-transmitted disease is higher than ever. Bottom line: getting pregnant should not be your only concern when you are having sex. Genital herpes and loads of other diseases are all fair game when it comes to oral sex. So be sure to ask your partner how many other sexual partners they’ve had and get yourself tested! It’s quick and easy.


13 Some People Are Natural-Born Sex Machines

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We aren’t sure where people got this weird belief, but there are not people who are just naturally super good at having sexual intercourse. As it turns out, sex actually gets better as you do it. And while your first time may be absolutely amazing, the odds are that you and your partner will develop a groove and figure out what works best when having sex. In fact, many people say that in their 30s is when they have the best sex of their lives. And even if you aren’t that great in bed when you start out, it is something that can be learned and improved with time and practice.

12 Great Sex Needs an Emotional Connection

While we wouldn’t want to have sex with someone we just met or don’t have some sort of background with, there really is no proof that you need to be emotionally invested in a person for the sex to be mind-blowingly good. Now we are not saying that you should just go out and bang the next person you see, but if you have sex with someone that you know on a base level, you could still be extremely compatible in bed. Many people assume that the first time you have sex is going to be wildly emotional, and that may very well be the case. Or not. Both parties should be enjoying themselves, and that is what makes for really awesome sexual intercourse.

11 Men Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds


That may seem very true, but it’s not! Sure, men seem to have sex on their mind quite often, but it’s pretty safe to say that women think of sex often, too! They just might not be so vocal or obvious about it. Either way, the whole 7 seconds thing is totally false. The research and science shows that a lot of men actually think about sex twice every hour, which is still quite a lot! As for women, they think about sex about once per hour. Now we’re not saying that these statistics go for every man and every woman. This is just an average. Maybe you are married to horndog. Anyway, when both partners engage in sexy talk, their relationship does improve.

10 Aphrodisiacs Help You Get it on

While nibbling on some chocolate-covered strawberries may seem to turn on some people, the whole thing relating to aphrodisiacs is more an urban myth than scientific fact. People often assume that munching on some figs, garlic, chocolate, or oysters (or anything phallic-shaped) will help them get it on under the covers. But the reality is that aphrodisiacs are just not really that real. On the other hand, there is scientific backing on pheromones, meaning that you may be greatly turned on by your partner’s chemical scents. So you may be naturally attracted to your mate, but if you think that adding oysters to the menu every night will help your sex life, think again.

9 Men and Women Reach Their Sexual Peak at Different Times


So most people say that women reach the height of their sexual abilities when they are in their 30s. Men on the other hand, are actually most sexually vigorous during their 20s. So what is the real answer? Well, while many movies and fantasies may show “cougar” women getting it on with younger men, there really is no true time frame for a man or a woman’s sexual peak. While there is some scientific evidence that women engage in sexual fantasies more often during their 30s, it’s not that different from their 20s. Women can be great in bed when they’re younger, and vice versa for men.

8 Masturbation is Bad for Your Health

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Everyone has gotten it on solo at least once. And while people may say that masturbation is bad for your health or will inhibit you when you actually do have sex, it’s not true. Masturbation myths run rampant and include weird beliefs such as masturbation leads to blindness, excess body hair, or even a shortage of sperm in men. But the reality is that masturbation can actually boost the immune system. That’s right: hitting your O all alone can be good for you! And this doesn’t just go for men; women can also take advantage of masturbation. While it may be harder for them, there is no reason why they shouldn’t.

7 Gay Men Are More Sexually Active


Is man-on-man action more common than heterosexual intercourse? Not really. While people may think that gay men engage in sexual activity more often than straight guys, the truth is that the numbers game is a bit more complex. Sure, gay men do actually report having more sexual partners, but gay men are also more likely to have loads of partners, which can distort actual statistics. In the end, things end up evening out, with gay and straight men having almost the same amount of average sexual activity. Their libidos are also very similar. So while it may seem that gay men are cheekier in bed, it’s a false stereotype.

6 Everyone in College is Having Sex

Um, no. Young people just really like to talk about sex. Odds are, about a third of those people aren’t even seeing any action. There is a lot of pressure in college and even high school to be “cool” and have sex. Many students don’t want to graduate as virgins and thus end up having sexual intercourse with just a random person. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t students who are saving their virginity for someone of importance. There are people who are holding off on sex until marriage, others who are just waiting for a meaningful relationship, and people who don’t even have an interest in sex at all.

5 Hot Tub Sex Won’t Get You Pregnant


Not only is this unsafe, but it can totally get a girl preggers! There is absolutely no way to protect yourself when you have sex in a body of water, be it a hot tub, a pool, or the ocean. Even the shower is unsafe. That being said, if a girl simply goes swimming in a pool that a guy has ejaculated in, she will not be at risk of getting pregnant. The guy would have to have his penis in the vagina, so simply having floating sperm in the water (while gross,) won’t result in a bun in the oven.

4 Douching Can be Used as Birth Control

Some girls may think that if they douche after sex, they won’t get pregnant. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Even if you rinse your vagina with water, vinegar, or whatever, your partner’s sperm may still have ended up in your vagina. Not only that, but douching with various products could end up giving you a yeast infection or vaginal discomfort. Totally not worth it. What girls should do instead is get on regular birth control (the pill or an IUD) and have their partners wear a condom. Always. The bottom line: if his penis is going in your va-jay-jay, there is a serious risk of getting pregnant, so if he isn’t wearing a condom, no amount of douching will help you.

3 It’s Easy to Spot an STD


Oh, those pesky sexually-transmitted diseases. They are always ruining the fun for us, right? Well, many people may think that they will know if their partner has an STD. And how is that? There really is no way to just know whether or not your partner has HPV, gonorrhea, or some other malady. Sometimes a person can have an STD without having any symptoms or feelings of discomfort, making it just about impossible to detect an STD. And while you can ask about your partner’s sexual past and previous partners, if they don’t get tested, you have no way of truly knowing.

2 If You Get an STD, You’re Dead

Or at least, life as you know it is going to totally suck from now on. While getting an STD is no fun, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still live a fulfilling life. These days, we have modern medicine and science on our side. There are lots of treatment options, and there are actually quite a few STDs that can be cured with the help of gentle antibiotics. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two STDs that can clear up in a matter of days with the help of doctor-approved medication. Vaccinations can protect you from HPV. While it can’t be cured, you can get treatment and live happily and healthily while living with it.

1 STDs are One Time Only


It would be nice to think that once you get an STD, you are immune from it forever. Kind of like chicken pox, right? Well, the truth of the matter is that there is always the risk of getting an STD, whether or not you’ve already contracted one. It is true that a lot of STDs can be combatted with medication and even prevented by getting vaccinated in the first place. Yet if you do contract a sexually-transmitted disease and get cured, there is still a chance you could get one again. This is why it is so important that both you and your partner have a dialogue about STDs and get tested.


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