20 Weird Things Many Americans Believe About Intimacy

Do you think you know about sex? While it may be the talk of the town on college campuses or among groups of teenage boys, there is a lot about sex that many people don’t really understand. From how to protect yourself to how to have the best sex ever, there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this topic. And while sex is a great thing that should be celebrated and not ignored, there are some things that we should all know before we hit the sack with our sexual partner.

This is our list of 20 Weird Things Americans Believe About Sex. We actually hope that this list helps you and makes your sexual experiences more enjoyable and a whole lot safer. Thanks to popular media and just talk among circles of friends, a lot of us have developed this skewed reality of what sex really entails. And we are here to put those myths and rumors to rest!

From birth control and condoms to shower sex and sexually-transmitted diseases, just think of this as a friendly reminder that sex is not something to be taken lightly. You can have a super-fun time, as long you get informed and stay safe!

20 The Bigger the Penis, the Better the Sex

19 If He Pulls Out, You Won’t Get Pregnant

18 The Morning-After Pill Can Replace the Pill

17 Period Sex Won’t Get You Pregnant

16 Tight Condoms Mean More Protection

15 Multiple Condoms Means More Protection

14 Oral Sex is Safe Sex

13 Some People Are Natural-Born Sex Machines

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12 Great Sex Needs an Emotional Connection

11 Men Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds

10 Aphrodisiacs Help You Get it on

9 Men and Women Reach Their Sexual Peak at Different Times

8 Masturbation is Bad for Your Health

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7 Gay Men Are More Sexually Active

6 Everyone in College is Having Sex

5 Hot Tub Sex Won’t Get You Pregnant

4 Douching Can be Used as Birth Control

3 It’s Easy to Spot an STD

2 If You Get an STD, You’re Dead

1 STDs are One Time Only

It would be nice to think that once you get an STD, you are immune from it forever. Kind of like chicken pox, right? Well, the truth of the matter is that there is always the risk of getting an STD, whether or not you’ve already contracted one. It is true that a lot of STDs can be combatted with medication and even prevented by getting vaccinated in the first place. Yet if you do contract a sexually-transmitted disease and get cured, there is still a chance you could get one again. This is why it is so important that both you and your partner have a dialogue about STDs and get tested.


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20 Weird Things Many Americans Believe About Intimacy