20 Thoughts She Has While Doing The Deed

To quote Jerry Seinfeld (the character, not the actor): "No one knows what they're doing down there. You just close your eyes and hope for the best." Like they say, women are from venus and men are from mars. No matter how free and open lines of communication are, there is bound to be some degree of misunderstanding between the sexes. This is especially true when it comes to, well, sex.

If you've ever wondered just what a girl is thinking during the act, you've come to the right place. We did some hard-hitting investigative journalism to tell you just that. Although there is some crossover between boys and girls, there are also a lot of differences in what they think in bed. The word (s-e-x) might be the same for both parties, but the mechanics are not. Just to give you a gross-out example, aside from some outstanding circumstances, there is always material proof that a man is "done". A woman, unless attached to some of EKG monitor, must be taken on her word.

If we've piqued your interest, then let's hop right in. Find out below the twenty main things that a woman will think while you and she are doing the dirtiest deed of 'em all.

20 How Much Noise Should I Make?

19 Is My Breath Okay?

18 My Hair Is So Annoying

17 Will I Get Pregnant?

16 I’m Burning Up


15 I’m Freezing


14 That’s New…


13 He’s Kind of Quiet


12 Am I Doing Alright?


11 Slow Down


10 Talk Dirty


9 Pull My Hair (Not Too Hard)

8 My Nipples Aren't Twist Caps


7 Let's Do Backdoor Stuff

6 Are My Legs Prickly?

5 Did He Learn That From Adult Films?

4 Let’s Try This in the Shower

3 Please Don’t Finish On My Sheets

2 This Feels Good

1 I Hope He Gets Me There

And finally, the last though women have during the deed is that they hope their man is able to finish them off. Even though some women have trouble getting all the way there, many don't, and their hope is that men will be patient, self-assured, and selfness enough to help them reach that place of physical nirvana, where your sheets stop mattering, your legs are smooth no matter how long ago you shaved them, nothing could hurt your nipples, you're at the absolute perfect temperature, and you weren't too lazy to pause House of Cards before you guys got started at all.

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20 Thoughts She Has While Doing The Deed